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Style  /  Published 26.08.21

Massage your face

A regular facial massage can make a great difference to your appearance as well as to your well-being. A facial massage promotes health of the skin. It is important on a regular basis for several reas...
By Ishrat Ansar

Style  /  Published 17.06.21

Haircare tips to sail through monsoon

Monsoons bring us joy and greenery, but also a lot of scalp problems.  Oily scalp, greasy hair, dandruff, itchiness and hair loss are common during the rainy season. A few tips for monsoon hairc...
By Bobby Saha

Style  /  Published 10.06.21

Silver linings

Now that the mask has become a feature of our face, the only original feature that is visible and can be highlighted is the eye. Enough has been said about eye make-up currently. One eye make-up tren...
By The Telegraph

Style  /  Published 27.05.21

Adding natural glow to your skin

While pomegranate juice rejuvenates your skin naturally, a number of companies are working hard double make-up as skincare You don’t have to make a smoothie with greens all the time. Or a banan...
By The Telegraph

Style  /  Published 13.05.21

Skin tips for new moms

Hormonal changes and tiredness that come with being a new mother can cause skin problems. Here are some easy hacks for you to follow. 1 Try to sleep for 8 hours: We know it’s difficult to get t...
By Rukshmani Thakkar


Style  /  Published 13.05.21

Gua sha stone massage

A most talked-about tool on social media is the gua sha stone face massager. A gua sha stone is part of ancient traditional Chinese medicine treatment. The massage is used to scrape the skin deliberat...
By Ishrat Ansar

Style  /  Published 22.04.21

Rice mask for young skin

We all love rice. Now there's an extra reason to like it. One beauty treatment the Japanese use to look younger is the rice face mask, which makes your skin shine and acquire a smooth texture. Be...
By Ishrat Ansar

Style  /  Published 08.04.21

Face shaver for ladies

Note • Don’t shave near your eyes until you are too confident about it.  •  Clean the razor frequently. • Make sure to moisturise immediately after shaving. &bu...
By Ishrat Ansar

Style  /  Published 06.04.21

Of nail art, skin care and more

The interiors decorated with shades of candy pink, black and white, fun glow signs, quotes and artificial florals give a fancy vibe to the place. Divided into two sections, the nail art station offers...
By Priyanka Roy (t2 intern)

Style  /  Published 01.04.21

Caffeine for your eyes

Dark circles under your eyes is one of the commonest problems. Lots of creams in the market moisturise the under eye and claim to reduce the dark circles but even after decades of use often there may ...
By Ishrat Ansar


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