Albert Einstein
Science Tech  /  Published 22.02.21

Scientists unlock secrets of einsteinium

That smaller amount was less than 250 nanograms, or 250 billionths of a gram. Worse, the sample that the Berkeley researchers received was heavily contaminated with einsteinium’s periodic table ...
By Kenneth Chang in

Opinion  /  Published 08.01.21

A light in the gathering gloom

In order to be in Indian politics, individuals should come prepared for a barrage of abuse, legal harassment, intrusions into personal lives and the very real threat of losing their own. An essential ...
By Abhijit Chowdhury in

Opinion  /  Published 16.11.20

For Penrose, a big bang forever

I have known Roger Penrose closely for quite some time. He has been visiting Calcutta for more than 25 years. His involvement with Albert Einstein’s general theory of relativity is intense; his ...
By Bikash Sinha in

Science  /  Published 08.12.19

Peer through a wormhole

In science fiction, wormholes — tunnels through space and time — have long been the preferred means of travel across the universe. In the movie Interstellar, directed by Christopher Nolan in colla...
By Dennis Overbye /New York Times News Service in

Science  /  Published 14.04.19

The Dark Knight

Black holes got even the great Albert Einstein rattled. The physicist was stumped when his equations predicted the existence of singularity in the densest objects in the universe. Singularity in physi...
By Aswin Sekhar in


Hollywood  /  Published 19.02.20

Science and the human minefield

World War I was gruesome. It was a war at the cusp of old technology and new. The idea of air force was only a few years old, fire power in the form of artillery dominated battle, battle tanks made th...
By Shyam G. Menon in

Science  /  Published 31.03.19

The grand design

Is Albert Einstein finally dead? Yes. The old sage took his last breath and muttered his last indecipherable words, in German, on April 18, 1955. But lately he has been dying a second death, if one be...
By New York Times News Service in

Books  /  Published 09.05.19

Would you like your desk to be empty or full today?

It is possible that Sherlock Holmes would take out his violin and play, what Watson calls, “sonorous”, “melancholy” chords on May 10 every year. For today, Holmes would remember with a shudder...
By Uddalak Mukherjee in

Science  /  Published 26.05.19

A step back in time

In The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, a story by F. Scott Fitzgerald and then a movie starring Brad Pitt, a man ages backward. He is born an old man, regresses over the years and dies an infant. Thi...
By New York Times News Service in

India  /  Published 12.09.19

Goyal gravity gaffe on Einstein

The free fall of the Indian economy perhaps reminded Union minister Piyush Goyal of gravity on Thursday, with the gravity of the matter appearing to cause him to slip up.With data suggesting a slowdow...
By Our Special Correspondent in New Delhi


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