Albert Camus
Opinion  /  Published 22.04.22

Numerical tyranny

A morning newspaper consumed with coffee can be a source of hope or a moment of despair. Of late, despair as a narrative dominates news, raising the question as to whether the citizen as a spectator h...
By Shiv Visvanathan

Opinion  /  Published 13.12.21

Reinterpreting and revitalizing a classic

A classic may endure through time due to its inherent nature, but it can also be reinterpreted and revitalized for the modern age. This regeneration can occur either within a context or by revisiting ...
By A. Raghuramaraju

Arts  /  Published 15.05.21

A creative touch

Albert Camus’s The Plague (1947), the cult French novel that resonates uncannily with the current Covid-19 pandemic scenario, has seen a remarkable stage adaptation in Bengali. Uhinee ...
By Anshuman Bhowmick

Opinion  /  Published 07.05.21

Common crime: Algeria

The announcement by the French president, Emmanuel Macron, that all classified documents pertaining to the occupation of Algeria and its war of independence would be made public meets a long-standing ...
By Vidyarthy Chatterjee

Opinion  /  Published 20.11.20

How ideas are born through research

When Socrates starts questioning you in the middle of a busy Athenian street, you wouldn’t generally turn to him and say that whatever he is trying to teach through his dialectical method is all...
By Richa Shukla, Dalorina Nath


Opinion  /  Published 08.04.20

Courage, dear heart

Undoubtedly, 2020 is the year of the coronavirus and its officially accepted intent of annihilating the human species. It is also the year after scientists formally announced the decisive commencement...
By G.N. Devy

Entertainment  /  Published 04.05.20

Rick and Morty embraces absurdism

When Rick Sanchez, a genius scientist from the Rick and Morty series, invents a robot, it asks about its purpose in life. You pass butter, Rick says indifferently. The robot, finding out the trivial r...
in New Delhi

Opinion  /  Published 27.04.20

Epidemics and their storytellers

“Ring-a-ring o’roses, a pocket full of posies, atishoo! Atishoo! We all fall down!” An innocent rhyme passed on from generation to generation, to which we have all held hands and danced in a cir...
By Monjorika Bose

Science  /  Published 22.03.20

At a distance, the corona way

A pestilence isn’t a thing made to man’s measure; therefore we tell ourselves that pestilence is a mere bogey of the mind, a bad dream that will pass away.Albert Camus, La peste (The Plague)Publis...
By Prasun Chaudhuri

Books  /  Published 08.11.18

Writers have something in common with the devil

Yet, somehow, it is more convenient to put Camus in a box and tag him as merely an existentialist and a lofty intellectual, labels that continue to define him in spite of his persistent disavowals. Bu...
By Kamalika Basu


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