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Here are some picks of smoking hot faves from the city

On the ocassion of International Hot and Spicy Food Day, we present top picks for you

Zeba Akhtar Ali | Published 15.01.22, 01:59 AM
Naga Chilli Cheese Toast.

Naga Chilli Cheese Toast.

The Telegraph picture.

As the world celebrates International Hot and Spicy Day on January 16, The Telegraph went on a quest for some of the most hot and spicy dishes in the city that amp up the heat quotient. Disclaimer: try it at your own risk! #JustKidding

1. Naga Chilli Cheese Toast @ The Bridge: Bistro Bar, Polo Floatel:
If you love your cheese toast spicy, then this dish at the floating hotel takes it a couple of notches higher. Spicy Naga chili, cheese and peppers baked on toast is a homage to the fun and fierce cuisine of North-eastern India.
@Rs 325-plus


2. Suicidal Wings @ Effingut:
Unapologetically spicy! These wings at the newly opened Park Street pub are quite true to their name. Tangy yet vehemently spicy, we’d suggest keeping that bottle of water handy. @Rs 325-plus

3. Chipotle Cheese Fondue @ La Macario Cafe:
It’s a spicy chilli twist to the classic cheese fondue which is served with herbed roasted potatoes, croutons, broccoli and carrots. This sharing dish has easily become a fave at the Wood Street joint. @Rs 510-plus

4. BBC Hot Chicken Burger @ Black Brick Cafe:
If you like your burgers with a hit of heat, then this juicy burger at the Chowringhee Road cafe is for you. Spicy fried chicken patty meets hot BB mayo, lettuce, natural cheese blend, and each bite is a bomb of flavours. @Rs 300-plus

5. Americano Jhalmuri @ LMNO_Q:
A twist to classic Calcutta-style jhalmuri, this has cheeselings mixed with crunchy onions, peanuts, fresh green chillies and coriander tossed with the hawker’s special masala and sev. A spicy nibble at the Park Street pub. @Rs 180-plus

6. Tiger Beef @ Monkey Bar:
This is a personal fave at the Camac Street gastro pub. Tenderloin shreds are tossed with chilli paste, galangal, ginger, bean sprouts, lemon, bak choi and peppers to create an aromatic and hot entree. @Rs 350-plus

7. Prawn Onion Roast @ Kaaram-The Andhra Kitchen:
Prawns sauteed with onions and tomatoes are flavoured with freshly ground Andhra spices in this spicy starter at the Park Street restaurant. Served with pappadam, this hot and sour dish is a great introduction to Andhra cuisine. @Rs 345-plus

8. Picked Chilli Fish @ Vertex, Fairfield by Marriott Kolkata:
A departure from the regular chilli fish that we eat in Chinese restaurants, this dish at the Rajarhat hotel brings together Cantonese-style crispy fish cooked with pickled chilli paste, fresh chilli and garlic sauce. @Rs 545-plus

9. Chongqing Mala Chicken @ Nori, The Westin Kolkata Rajarhat:
Crispy, tasty chicken pieces are stir-fried with generous amount of chilli bean paste and Lao Gan Ma sauce along with Shaoxing cooking wine. This dish at the Rajarhat hotel is a staple fave from the Chongqing region in China.
@Rs 695-plus

10. Homemade Tofu in Oyster Bell Pepper & Fragrant Chillies @ Vintage Asia, JW Marriott Kolkata:
Fresh spinach and mountain chillies infused homemade tofu is tossed with asparagus and peppers in a mushroom oyster sauce to create this melt-in-the-mouth yet fragrantly flavourful dish at the Asian fine-dine den. @Rs 975-plus

11. Roasted Kerala Grilled Chicken @Refinery 091:
A modernised take on Kerala cuisine, this small plate at the Sector V pub is a heady mix of chicken cubes sauteed in tempered Kerala spices, served with a special South Indian BBQ sauce. @Rs 420-plus

12. Andhra Style Chicken @Reality:
Chettinad flavours come alive in this popular dish at the Camac Street pub. Chunks of chicken are tossed in spices such as mustard seeds, curry leaves, dried whole red chillies, coriander, cumin as well as red chilli paste to create this crunchy plate. @Rs 461-plus

13. Mongolian BBQ Noodles at Mirosh:
This comforting hot and sour, saucy noodle dish is a mix of noodles and assorted vegetables at the Camac Street lounge. The noodles are cooked in a Mongolian sauce, which is a mix of lemon coriander sauce, Manchurian sauce and hot and sour sauce. @Rs 461-plus

14. Chicken Nam Prik at What’s In D Name:
The Camac Street lounge serves this as chicken cubes tossed in an in-house Nam Prik sauce that combines Sriracha sauce, chilli paste, oyster sauce, soy sauce, broth powder, ketchup, Gochujang paste and white pepper. The result: a fiery entree dish that you won’t forget. @Rs 350-plus

15. Chilli Pork Ribs at Momo I Am:
Double-cooked slow-roasted pork short ribs tossed with Himalayan spices and fresh red chillies, served dry. This is a pork lover’s delight at the people’s fave momo diner. @Rs 480-plus

16. Naga Ghost Pepper Wings @ Bombay Brasserie:
These are not just your ordinary chicken wings but pack a killer punch from the bhoot jolokia chillies. Try these smoky wings with a glass of chilled beverage at the Quest mall Indian fine-dine space. @Rs 425-plus

17. Spicy Steak Sub@The Daily:
Homemade seeded loaf, bird’s eye chilli and their in-house special whole-grain mustard make this tenderloin sandwich succulent, spicy and scrumptious. It’s the perfect one for a meal or as a snack at the Deshapriya Park cafe. @Rs 325-plus

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