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Skip the greasy ‘telebhaja’ and snack on these gourmet coffee-table bites

From waffle chips to mini protein bars, these gourmet bites make for some delectable snacking

Aatreyee Mohanta | Published 24.02.22, 08:42 PM
Mini croissants by Crozzo (left) and gourmet popcorn by 4700 BC

Mini croissants by Crozzo (left) and gourmet popcorn by 4700 BC

There’s a fine (and notorious) line between being bored and being hungry, as multiple bouts of home isolation have taught us. 

And while muri-chanachur is the easiest way out, who doesn’t enjoy a touch of gourmet snacks every now and then? And with the rise in creative, quirky and Instagram-worthy coffee snacks, we can’t help but indulge? So whether you’re looking for delectable, bite-sized coffee nibbles or something a bit more health-conscious and nutrition-packed, we’ve got your back!

Mini croissants from Crozzo

The only thing better than a croissant is a travel-friendly croissant. Mumbai label Crozzo is a brand that offers mini croissants that are made-to-order.

You can dip them in your morning coffee or have them as a snack with your evening tea, or even try them as a breakfast cereal! These mini snacks are available in sweet and savoury options, from cinnamon, chocolate hazelnut and dark chocolate to butter garlic and zaatar salt.

Best Bites from Nova Nova

Who knew the last bites of a Cornetto could make such efficient coffee snacks? Nova Nova offers mini waffle cones which are shaped exactly like the last bite of a chocolate cone! The mini waffle bites are made fresh to order and are filled with delicious chocolate. Customers can choose between Belgian chocolate, white and dark varieties or even a mix of flavours.

Mini protein bars from Phab

If you’re looking for some healthy yet fulfilling snacks, these mini protein bars can sort you out. Available in three delicious flavours — chocolate brownie, mocha nut fudge, and strawberries and greek yoghurt — these mini bars give you 11g of protein to give you an energy boost.

Gluten-free cookies from Snack-A-Doodle

Worried about the sugar content in your children’s cookies? Snack-A-Doodle is a homegrown label created by two moms in pursuit of healthier and conscious snack options. Their cookies are gluten-free and have no processed sugar, making them a repeatable daily snack.

These eggless cookies come in delicious flavours like Strawberry Milkshake, Crunchy Date and Chocolate Millet and use healthy ingredients like jowar, oat flour and dates.

Veggie chips from Snackible

Gone are those days when the only chips available were made of potatoes. Enter Snackible, a Mumbai-based brand that makes oil-free, vacuum-fried veggie chips for those pesky, pre-meal hunger pangs.

From BBQ beetroot, spicy okra and taro chips, to coconut, ragi and purple yam chips, their range is diverse and delicious.

Cookies from Le15 Patisserie

Who hasn’t swooned over Pooja Dhingra’s Le15 Patisserie Instagram page? Well, while their macarons are to die for, their newly launched cookies are nothing less than pantry heroes.

Handmade with heavenly amounts of butter, these artisanal cookies come in four signature flavours — Signature Pink, Dark Chocolate Hazelnut, Brown Butter Pineapple and Crunchy Toffee — ensuring there’s something for everyone.

Chikki from Paper Boat

Known for their unique play on nostalgic food, Paper Boat has hit a home run again with their chikkis. Known as badam patali in Bengal, this snack has various names all over the country. They have a crunchy jaggery base and a nuanced nutty, sweetness that make it a great post-dinner snack.

Their line-up also has chikkis made with peanuts, dry fruits, almonds and sesame seeds.

Un-junked chocolate bars from Open Secret

With a mission to ‘un-junk’ snack culture in India, Open Secret champions health and nutrition with their chocolate bars, which are made with jaggery and have no trans fats.

The chocolate bars come in three flavours — dark choco almond, caramel and coconut— so there’s something for every palate!

Gourmet popcorn from 4700BC

Butter, cheese or caramel? Bored with this question when it comes to popcorn flavours? Fear not, 4700BC is here to help you out! The brand has created indulgent and luxurious popcorn flavours, from tiramisu chocolate and spicy chicken cheese to Himalayan salt caramel and sriracha lime cheese.

So, if you’re planning a movie night, you can go gourmet with your snacks!

Waffle chips from Waffle Mill

Craving crispy crunchies in the middle of the work day? Nothing works better than a waffle chip. These crunchy waffle chips are sweet and have a great bite to them, so you can enjoy these with your morning cereal or a bowl of ice cream.

Choose from their four decadent flavours — classic, peanut butter and choco drizzle, dark choco drizzle and sea salt, and milk choco drizzle.

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