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Fits that don’t fit: Anti-fit labels you need to bookmark for the summer

Shop from homegrown brands that are getting creative with body-loving silhouettes

Aatreyee Mohanta | Published 07.07.22, 08:15 PM
Mamta Sharma Das wearing her brand Viva La Vida, Sayani Gupta in Ka-Sha and Neha Dhupia in ILAMRA

Mamta Sharma Das wearing her brand Viva La Vida, Sayani Gupta in Ka-Sha and Neha Dhupia in ILAMRA


It’s the year of anti-fits — be it Zendaya’s baggy blazers or Hailey Beiber’s angelic YSL gown from the Grammys — fashion icons are tired of clingy, restrictive silhouettes and are giving body-friendly options a go. Homegrown labels too are leaning towards designs that let comfort take precedence and can cater to multiple body types.

The beauty of this emerging trend is that it lets you embrace your body just the way it is— it’s making room for fashion that fits you and not the other way round. Here are a few brands you need on your radar if you’re interested in the anti-fit trend:


Viva la Vida India

This Kolkata-based brand by social media influencer Mamta Sharma Das spotlights relaxed fits that are perfect for everyday casual wear. This slow fashion, free-size label has a focus on colour-blocking in muted neutral shades as well as hues like leaf green, blue and yellow and their line-up features versatile options.


Based in south India, this sustainable homegrown brand is all about following natural processes. They work with indigenous techniques and artisans to create their versatile yet minimalistic pieces. Their anti-fit pieces are simplistic but offer a flattering volume to all silhouettes, while their fabric drapes help you ace the breezy casual aesthetic.


This brand highlights the spirit of freedom and that comes across seamlessly in their designs. Their pieces have an abstract minimalistic vibe but the textural play is brilliant. From offbeat colours to anti-fit contours, they offer a variety of pieces like dresses, kurtas, jackets, pants and even co-ord sets.


Eccentric, bold and bright — this label’s vibrant colours and geometric prints are oh-so-pretty. This brand uses wonderful techniques to add texture and depth to its anti-fit clothing aesthetic. Ka-Sha’s designs are easy-going and work with unique outlines that are as flattering as anti-fits can be.


When it comes to unusual out-of-the-box silhouettes, no one does it better than Sohaya Misra’s Chola. The label is famed for manipulating fabric to add drama to its anti-fit aesthetic, which is lined with hints of playfulness in terms of colours and prints.


How can we talk about anti-fit clothing and not mention the elegant and comfy kaftan? This brand creates gorgeous kaftans in earthy tones which have been hand-block printed. These kaftans have breezy silhouettes that look flattering on all body types and can easily be worn to work, brunch and parties.

Khara Kapas

This homegrown label is all about soft hues and casual day-to-night fits. Their anti-fit aesthetic is low-key which gives you the liberty to style and accessorise them however you like. And their prints are to die for!


This Santiniketan-based brand is all about eco-friendly fabrics and uses only natural dyes which gives every piece a one-of-a-kind texture and colour. Dorji’s designs have a laid back aesthetic which makes for great casual everyday wear. This patchwork tank dress, for instance, is perfect for unpredictable summer days.

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