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From comedy and cooking to Kolkata in anime: The top Insta Reels of the week

Viral trends and talents that blew up last week and stopped our doom scrolling!

Jaismita Alexander | Published 11.06.23, 04:41 PM
Reels of the week

Reels of the week

From heartwarming short videos to hilarious skits, we have scoured Instagram to bring you the most entertaining and engaging reels that caught everyone’s attention this past week. Whether you are looking for inspiration, a good laugh or just a break from your daily routine, our reels of the week collection has got you covered.

#1 These bollywood songs turn 10 this year!

Imagine it's 2013 and you have your wired earphones plugged in while a local FM plays the latest hits. Now are you ready to feel old…err…nostalgic! Because in this reel, @rahillmehta_ has put together a mix of Bollywood songs that turn 10 this year. Yes, our favourite Tum Hi Ho and Badtameez Dil are 10 years old! Time flies, eh?


#2 Kolkata in Anime

Where are the Kolkata Weebs at? @_suvo_creation_’s anime version of the city is winning hearts. Kolkata’s iconic Victoria Memorial, Howrah Bridge, The 42 and the tram look surreal through the anime lens. It would be great to see more places of the city in anime style and the comment section agrees too!

#3 Things You Should Never Say (Pride Month edition)

'You are so masculine, how are you gay?', 'Who is the man and who is the woman'? It's 2023 and still people are passing comments on others’ preferences and way of life. This Pride Month, Kolkata influencer girls @i.preranadas and @prettysheis.official have called these people out once again.

#4 Plating like a painting

They say it is appetising when the food looks good. But @supaintsonplates creates artwork out of food that you will not want to eat, but hang it on the wall. In her latest reel, this food artist makes pickled onion uttapam with her aesthetic touch and it truly looks like a canvas. She truly paints on plates!

#5 Bong Boys Priyam and Sayan collab skit on Kolkata

Every Kolkatan living out of the city will relate to every word of this 'Bengalis outside Kolkata' skit by @shayanroy and @priyamghose. The hilarious reel addresses the everlasting debate on how phuchka is better than golgappa and pani puri and there's no biryani without the alu. Also, we can't deny that most Bengalis living outside spend half their life correcting tumake to tomake and explaining that Bengalis don't own voodoo dolls.

#6 Houses in Goan villages have a nickname!

Did you know that houses in Goan villages have a nickname? Author, independent researcher and activist @heta._pandit gives this interesting trivia in her recent reel. Each house is named after a special feature or history related to it or its owners. For instance, her house is known as Goddgodo house. Why? Find out in the reel!

#7 Dhoni theme song

The Dhoni-craze wave is continuing after the Chennai Super Kings' victory in the IPL. Actor @vineet_ksoffcial once again reminded us of Dhoni's charm in an interview with @samdishbhatia. The actor performed a self-composed rap while Samdish totally vibed to it. To complete the masterpiece, @kaunashutosh added music to it. Voila! The Dhoni theme song was created!

Last updated on 11.06.23, 04:47 PM

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