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Insta reels of the week: Hilarious, heartwarming, and jaw-dropping moments

Viral trends and talents that blew up last week and stopped our doom scrolling!

Jaismita Alexander | Published 28.05.23, 02:04 PM
Reels of the week

Reels of the week

From hilarious comedy skits to jaw-dropping talent and heart-warming moments, this week’s Instagram reels have it all. With so much incredible content to choose from, we've sifted through the thousands of reels to bring you the very best. So, sit back, relax and be entertained by the top reels of the week!

#1 Abby V x Antara Nandy's ‘Dhanashree Tillana’ is soul soothing!

The soulful rendition of the Dhanashree Tillana by Abby V and Antara Nandy is beyond mesmerising. The duo sings using filter coffee tumblers to keep up with the taal. This 38-second reel is such a true beauty that it makes you want to watch it on loop!


#2 RJ Karishma’s newest video reminds us of some school teachers we know!

This week, RJ Karishma made us walk down memory lane with her mimicry of that one school teacher we all had! The teacher, who was the perfect combo of strict and sass. We still remember all those taunts! That one teacher was nothing less than a terror, especially for the backbenchers! Our best line from the reel? “Chapter number fourrrrr, page number 35!”

#3 Aggressive ‘kakimas’ on local trains

If you have ever travelled on local trains in West Bengal, you must have guessed what we are talking about. Content creator @wondermunna perfectly plays the character of an aggressive kakima, who has a problem with everything, in this reel. There is always this one kakima on a local train (or even Metro) who creates trouble and fights with her fellow passengers.

#4 Many Arijit Singh song titles in one song

This reel is pure gold for Arijit Singh fans! Actor, singer and dancer @saigodbole’s magical concoction of many Arijit Singh song titles in one song is winning hearts over the internet. Sai took a few popular Arijit songs titles and sang them to the tune of Tere Hawale. We love how real and melodious it turned out to be!

#5 Reimagining Tagore’s Women

Titiksha, a self-portrait photographer, is working on a photo shoot series where she reimagines women characters written by Rabindranath Tagore. We picked up her recreation reel of Kabuliwallah’s Mini for its aesthetic beauty. We think @titikshasar’s series of these reels are unique and each shot tells a story.

#6 Reduce, recycle, reuse ft. Indian moms

If jugaad is an art, Indian mothers are the artists. Ajay, aka @awaraajayy, got the art right with his comic sketch on Indian moms and their zero-waste policy. From old toothbrushes to wires, our moms find utility in everything that is supposed to go to the bin. This is the third part of the reel and we are sure it can go on and on!

#7 ‘Wellerman’ cover in four-part harmony

The musical duo Zoe and Urgen collaborated with two other talented singers Shaurya Singh and Arunaja to cover a four-part harmony of Wellerman. This sea shanty went viral more than a year back and then was forgotten. But the talented four reminded us of the times when the lyrics of the song wouldn’t leave our mind.

#8 Drew Barrymore comforts a fan

Getting emotional at the sight of your favourite actor is very common, but this fan got a little too lucky. During the shoot of The Drew Barrymore Show, a fan couldn't control her tears seeing Drew in front of her. The actress spotted her from the crowd and approached her to comfort her. What happened next is so wholesome! Watch it for yourself!

Last updated on 28.05.23, 02:08 PM

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