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Instagram Reels

Insta reels of the week — featuring collabs, ‘crowd control’ and crazy loops

Viral music trends and talents that blew up last week and stopped our doom scrolling!

Urvashi Bhattacharya | Published 04.06.23, 04:52 PM


There’s always something new happening in the world music, to the point that it’s hard to keep up and keep track. But, worry not, we’ve scrolled through Instagram to bring you different renditions of songs, live mixes and spectacular performances that went viral last week. Take a look…

#1 Jonita Gandhi and Divine wrap up IPL 2023

With another entertaining IPL season, where the Chennai Super Kings took home the winning trophy (for the fifth time), the best way to wrap up the celebrations was with a live performance by Jonita Gandhi and Divine. Held at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad, Divine first made his entry with Meri Gali Mein, followed by tracks like Game Over, Mirchi and Baazigar. Jonita Gandhi had her appearance during Sitara, where she joined the rapper. And following this performance, the two released a music video of Sitara as well.


#2 Walk Off The Earth’s rendition of ‘Eye Of The Tiger’

Eye Of The Tiger by Survivor has always been a motivational song, but Canadian pop band Walk Off The Earth has given it an indie acoustic turn. The rendition is full of harmonies, strings, guitars and a bird-like flute. The band even gave it a tune of its own giving the song a new sound altogether.

#3 Hitting the highest notes of a Whitney Houston song

Whitney Houston’s I Will Always Love You has received love from around the world, with fans enamoured by how the singer holds a high note. Now, Ukrainian singers Voronina Valeria, Olga Voronina and Варвара Хижнякова have taken it to a different level with all three of them hitting the high note and adding harmonies in the middle to have a little fun with it. You can see their happy faces as they sing the chorus with ease.

#4 Nokia ringtone to Drum ‘n’ Bass

Everyone has heard the tune of the Nokia’s iconic ringtone. Keeping this in mind, DnB artiste Bou used the same turn in one of his sets, which made the crowd go wild. The set involved the Nokia tune where a single note of it was used as a sample, which looped and fell into a dirty drop. The smile on Bou’s face only showed how well that part of the set was mixed.

#5 Strict ‘crowd control’

Twenty-eight-year-old artiste Jacob Collier took “paying attention” to another level. In the middle of one of his performances, he turned his entire audience at an auditorium into a choir. He gestured to different sections of the auditorium to hit a specific note and made them go up and down different octaves. This created a magical harmonious and interactive experience where the audience was amazed at themselves.

#6 Alesso and Martin Garrix go back-to-back

How often do DJs take requests from their audience? Quite rarely, actually. But DJ Alesso sure made a girl’s dream come true as she requested him to go back-to-back during a set. Alesso took this opportunity to text Martin Garrix, who showed up after 10 minutes. The two went b2b for a bit of the set and then Martin was seen leaving to go back to his nap.

Last updated on 04.06.23, 04:54 PM

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