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Valentine’s Day

‘Dil se dessert tak’: Celebrate Valentine’s Day with all things sweet with your sweetheart

Cupid’s confections from Kolkata cake shops and chefs so cute, they’re sure to win your heart and satiate your hunger

Pooja Mitra | Published 13.02.24, 06:13 PM
Say ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ with something special

Say ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ with something special

“Hey, are you a cake? Because you make everything better!” — yeah, that’s a sweet pick-up line, especially on Valentine’s Week. Dean Martin is singing That's Amore, love is in the air and everything seems right in the world. And to make the day more special, Kolkata bakeries and chefs have whipped up the choicest of sweet treats guaranteed to earn you an extra, long hug from your someone special. Here are a few desserts you simply can’t skip:

Cubic Cake from The Fat Little Penguin

Do you relish the challenge of a Rubik’s Cube (and love)? How about solving all six sides, but with a twist, because each nibble is a sweet chocolaty surprise? The Fat Little Penguin has come up with a Valentine’s Day special Rubik’s Cube ice cream, where every dice is nice in this puzzle paradise.


Pocket pinch: Rs 2,500

Chocolate Truffle Teddy from Kookie Jar

Admire that adorable teddy face; it’s sure to bring a smile, even if bae isn’t around. A truffle cake from landmark confectionery Kookie Jar is delicious as it is, but the teddy just makes it a perfect 10, especially if you have a date night planned.

Pocket pinch: Rs 2,266

Date night in a box by Little Pleasures Patisserie

Speaking of date nights, is it even complete without an assortment of decadent desserts? Pair this grazing platter with your favourite romantic film with a glass of wine, making every moment sweeter than the last.

Pocket pinch: Rs 1,850

Cookies and cupcakes from Saldanha Bakery 

Be it Christmas, New Year or V-Day, no occasion is complete without sweet or savoury treats from Kolkata’s heritage bakery. From cute cookies to cupcakes, delicious brownies to customised cakes, Saldanha Bakery has pretty much got your back.

Pocket pinch: Rs 25 to Rs 1,000 as per portions

Tart cakes from SugarPlum Cakery

Whose magical fingers run this cakery? None other than MasterChef India winner Kirti Bhoutika. If you love tarts and cakes, and now there’s a dessert that combines them in a heart shape, what do you do? That’s right, you order right away because life’s too short to miss out on this sweet sensation!

Pocket pinch: Rs 1,500

DIY Sundae kits by Butterfingers by Preetanjali

If you have planned a long drive or day trip on V-Day, sneak in this DIY kit for some playful memories. Strawberries (the official flag bearer of romance on Cupid-struck day), heart-shaped cakes, chocolate sables and fudge sauce — romance can fit right into a box!

Pocket pinch: Rs 3,250

Breakfast in bed by Sneha Singhi Upadhyay 

Love is in the air, and so the first whiff of the day for bae should be…Waffles! Grab that maple syrup and get ready to whip up chef Sneha’s recipe. Psst…did you know these waffles are made with everyone’s OG childhood favourite, Parle G biscuits?

Secret message cake by The Cake Room by Aniska

Ready to level up your relationship? Then there’s no day like Valentine’s Day to confess your love or pop the big question. This home baker makes the trending ‘secret message cake’ , that reveals your dil ki baat and maybe, even a ring!

Pocket pinch: Rs 600

Last updated on 13.02.24, 07:08 PM

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