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Affogato amour — easy recipes to enjoy the viral coffee dessert at home

Have you tried the Italian coffee-and-ice cream dessert that’s got social media abuzz? Here are some My Kolkata-approved recipes

Pooja Mitra | Published 22.09.23, 07:32 PM
‘Affogato’, the Italian dessert — a mix or coffee and cream — has been going viral on social media recently

‘Affogato’, the Italian dessert — a mix or coffee and cream — has been going viral on social media recently


Coffee lovers, rejoice! There’s a new viral concoction all over social media. If you’re on Instagram, or any other platform really, and have a knack of stumbling on food videos, you have surely come across the latest food trend – affogato.

This coffee and ice-cream dessert/drink is not a new invention. A popular Italian dessert, which goes by the traditional name of affogato al caffè, affogato is essentially a coffee cream often served as a post-meal sweet treat. The recipe is various combinations of coffee (usually espresso) meets whipped cream or ice cream (generally vanilla).


It’s really easy to make at home with regular pantry ingredients, and thanks to food bloggers and chefs, there is more than one variation of the viral dish you can try at home.

The coffee (and ice cream) lovers at My Kolkata have picked a few recipes from chefs and content creators you must try, plus a special one of our own.

Quick and ‘lazy’ 

With some ASMR and a very easy recipe, Saloni Kukreja’s video on “Romanticising the making of Affogato” hits all the right notes. You don’t need fancy glassware or a lot of time, because this affogato practically makes itself while you enjoy a leisurely day. Having ice-cream and coffee together straight out of the ice cream container is perfect, and quite what you need when you just want to relax with a treat.

Desi ‘kapi’ twist

When Indian filter coffee went Italian, the Filter Coffee Affogato was born! Chef Saransh Goila, who clearly has an unapologetic sweet tooth just like us — did you check out the chef savouring Amritsari Kulfa? — always has a new culinary invention in his pantry and this time it’s a desi take on the affogato. All you need are the usual filter kapi utensils, or a good instant mix, and some malai ice cream.

Lovers of latte

A four-ingredient recipe that promises cafe-like iced latte at home, with an affogato twist. What more do you need? The Affogato Iced Latte recipe by Bruno’s Homecafé can be your start-the-day latte or at-work coffee or a cuppa to come home to. Have this cold cuppa with some warm brownies or a large cookie and enjoy!


Tea lovers, more precisely matcha tea lovers, there’s an affogato for you too! If you like the earthy tea and have a soft spot for caramel, this recipe by BR Home Café is for you. Grab your favourite matcha and vanilla ice cream, and if you have a recipe for a caramel sauce then get that too. All you need is a fancy glass, and this homemade, cross-cultural dessert will look straight out of a fine dine.

Feast time!

Indonesian home cafe Saturday has an affogato recipe with more ice cream and a chocolaty addition — Feast (yes, the ice cream!). Their Feast Pop Affogato recipe can be made with your favourite vanilla scoop, some espresso and Feast Pops! You can substitute the Feast Pops with other chocolate-coated ice cream pops, or even make some of your own.

The My Kolkata-special boozy ‘affogato’


We are a team who have a soft spot for coffee and ice cream, also for chocolate, and maybe food in general. A peek into our pantry and there will always be some (a lot of) coffee, some ice cream, and definitely a bar or two of chocolate. The boozy addition to this recipe is for when we’re home, and hence totally optional!

This recipe is from our kitchens and hearts, and hope it makes a place in yours too. (PS: Let us know when you try it!)


· Instant coffee, preferably flavoured like hazelnut or caramel: 4 tbsp (We like our coffee strong, but you can keep it mild)

· Vanilla ice cream: 2 large scoops

· Coffee ice cream: 1 large scoop

· Dark chocolate chips/grated chocolate: 2 tbsp (We recommend the dark for balanced sweetness, but feel free to go with milk chocolate)

· Liquor or liqueur of your choice: 1 tbsp (Our picks are Baileys, Sheridan, Rum, Whisky and Kahlua)

· Chocolate sea-salt or chocolate cookies: 2 (also optional)


· Beat the coffee with a little water until it’s frothy

· Add small amount of water to make coffee equivalent to two espresso shots

· In your serving glass/mug/bowl, add the ice cream scoops and gently pour the espresso

· Sprinkle the chocolate and add a splash of the liquor/liqueur

· Now crumble the cookies roughly and sprinkle as a topping. Enjoy!

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