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Coffee Brewing

Skip the sachet: The most popular and easy-to-use coffee home-brewing methods

Goodbye boring instant coffee powder! Here’s how to brew your very own caffeinated goodness

Aatreyee Mohanta | Published 04.06.22, 05:16 PM
Drip, drip drip – it’s coffee time!

Drip, drip drip – it’s coffee time!


There’s a wonderful pleasure in opening a bag of freshly ground coffee. The aroma floods your senses, as you spoon out a heapful and brew your own hot cuppa. With the world of artisanal coffee offering a variety of high-quality produce for you to enjoy, there is something that we must now talk about — brewing methods.

There are a number of brewing methods. While there are some machines that can’t be used at home, there are quite a few that you can use – right from the comfort of your kitchen. These are the most popular ones…


Cold Brew


Simply put, cold brew is a method of brewing coffee in cold water for anywhere between 12 to 24 hours. While hot water is said to extract the oils from the coffee, when brewed in cold water, the flavours are extracted, but the end product is low in acidity. Get your hands on cold brew bags and let it sit in your fridge in a jug of water and you will have a delicious cold brew the next morning. Enjoy this drink iced, with any milk of your choice, or if you like your coffee strong, sip away on a tall glass of cold brew, just as it is.

Moka Pot


This ingenious contraption was created in 1933 by Italian engineer Alfonso Bialetti. The flavour of the coffee brewed in a moka pot is strong and concentrated, much like an espresso. The stove-top device brews coffee by passing pressurised water turned into steam through the ground coffee. Pack in the coffee grounds tightly to avoid any air pockets and let the coffee brew.

South Indian Filter Coffee

Wikimedia Commons

This classic Indian coffee is unlike any other. Made in a steel coffee maker, the coffee that is brewed is usually much more concentrated and stronger than an espresso. This is mixed with frothed milk and sugar to give it the classic taste. You can buy your very own South Indian Filter Coffee maker here.


This method of brewing coffee calls for fine coffee grounds placed in a filter over which boiling hot water is poured. The coffee slowly brews in the water and the brew drips down slowly through the filter. This keeps the flavours and aroma of the coffee intact, producing a brew that is fresher and more aromatic. This method is very similar to a Chemex, however, the latter produces a slower drip and a more intense flavour, and the coffee is collected in the device itself.

French Press

This coffee-brewing device is elegant and easy to use. With the mechanism of a plunger, this device pushes the coffee grounds to the bottom after brewing, which produces a concentrated and full-bodied brew. This is also great to travel with if you like to brew your own coffee.



If you want to enjoy high-quality barista-style coffee, invest in an espresso machine. While they are on the pricey side, they are a good investment to make for a coffe enthusiast. You can get your shot of espresso every morning just like the ones at your nearest coffee shop. Buy it here.

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