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K-culture on a plate: My Kolkata's picks from King’s Bakery’s Seela Mart

Feast like your favourite K-drama stars with Korean noodles, ramen, drinks, desserts and more

Aatreyee Mohanta | Published 24.06.22, 01:51 PM
From ramen to sweet treats, Seela Mart has a collection of delicious Korean snacks

From ramen to sweet treats, Seela Mart has a collection of delicious Korean snacks

All images by Arijit Sen

Imagine walking into a store where there are racks full of all the instant ramen you could ever eat — well, you don’t actually need to imagine it. You can visit King’s Bakery and walk right into Seela Mart. Their new Jodhpur Park outlet is home to unique and pop-culture inspired Korean snacks, drinks, desserts and ready-to-cook foods.

We went on a shopping haul at Seela Mart and here’s what we got! Take a look at My Kolkata’s picks that you absolutely cannot miss out on...


Kimchi Ramen

Kimchi is perhaps Korea’s most famous culinary gift to the world, the one Korean food item that everyone knows. So what better than instant noodles generously flavoured with kimchi to celebrate your K-love? These instant ramen-style noodles have the fermented flavours of kimchi and will be the perfect companion to you while you enjoy your K-drama TV marathon!

Jjajang men bowl

You must’ve seen these dark saucy noodles all over social media, and now you can enjoy it from the comfort of your home. These instant Jjajang men noodles have a rich black bean sauce that coats your noodles with a unique umami flavour.

Strawberry French Pie

Who doesn’t love a pantry-worthy dessert? This strawberry French pie is sweet, tangy and delicious. The sweet fruit jam is layered between puffy and crisp layers of pastry — perfect for those midnight (and daytime) cravings!

Korean Corn Dogs

Crispy, crunchy and completely delicious? Sign us up! While shopping at Seela Mart, don’t forget to get your hands on these ready-to-cook corn dogs. Available in two varieties—original and cheese — these corn dogs are the best deep-fried snack. Make a quick dip with your favourite condiments, or simply enjoy with ketchup and mustard.


Spicy, salty and a complete umami bomb — Gochujang is Korea’s famous chilli paste and is used in all your favourite dishes such as Tteokbokki. If you enjoy cooking Korean delicacies at home, or just enjoy the spicy savoury flavours, this is a great pantry staple to indulge in.

Korean Latte Coffee

Iced or hot, no matter how you like your coffee, you will adore this drink. This milky caffeinated latte drink is great for when you’re on the go. Enjoy it chilled or hot and we’re sure you’ll be addicted to it.

Beef broth

If you’re someone who enjoys tucking into a rich homely bowl of soup or soupy noodles after a long day, this beef broth will be your new BFF. Just heat up the broth, add in your choice of noodles, veggies and protein, and you’ve got yourself a bowl of heartwarming deliciousness.

Spicy Jin Ramen

This ramen is spicy, earthy and has a delightful mushroom flavour. Like most instant ramen, it is salty and has a rich savouriness to it. Make sure not to overcook the noodles, the bounce and bite of the noodles can make or break your ramen experience. Add a runny half boiled egg and you’re good to go.

Orion Choco Chip Cookies

There’s something about choco chip cookies that make them so irresistible. These cookies are rich and crunchy, not to forget extremely chocolatey. They are luxurious, gourmet and the perfect pairing for your tea, coffee and even a chilled glass of milk.

Seaweed snacks

If you love Nori, these seaweed snacks will be your new favourite. They are crispy and full of flavour. These treats are incredibly thin, almost like a wafer, with rich salty and savoury notes. They are available in three flavours — original, wasabi and hot chicken.

Hotcake mix

Did someone say pancakes for breakfast? Well, only if it is all a fuss-free affair! Get your hands on this pancake mix and get brekkie-ready in no time. This makes fluffy pancakes every time and it is sweet and indulgent all at once.

Hot Chicken Flavour Ramen Buldak 3X Spicy

Of course, we saved the best for last. This extremely popular ramen is all over mukbang videos on the internet and for good reason. This instant ramen is dangerously spicy but so good that you can’t stop eating. If you dare to try this ramen, make sure you have a glass of milk or cold water to help you through the spice!

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