Improving physical literacy in young girls

We have covered the psychosocial aspects of physical literacy and development of young girls in my previous ar...

Tete-e-tete with Sohrab Khushrushahi

Sohrab Khushrushahi trains every day for 40 minutes because that is what his schedule allows. “I was a l...

Mind the game

The knights have nearly reached. The fortress is under siege and the archers are raining fire. The villagers a...

Bitter effects of high sugar

About 10 per cent of the Indian population has diabetes. Once considered a disease of the prosperous, middle-a...

The Upside of Stress

For many of us, 2020 was an exceptionally stressful year, dominated by fears about the coronavirus pandemic. E...

Health key to food choices

Food preferences will change this year, says Sanjay Kumar, CEO & MD, Elior India, a leading food catering ...

Health  /  Published 02.12.20

That time of the month

Menstruation, periods or “that time of the month” is a normal, physiological phenomenon that occurs in women. It indicates that their reproductive organs are ready for reproduction. Once m...
By Dr Gita Mathai in

Health  /  Published 02.12.20

Fitness, masked

Exercising during the pandemic has been challenging for many of us. Gyms have closed or limited occupancy, as have parks, pools, pathways and other recreational facilities. If trails are open, they of...
By Gretchen Reynolds in

Health  /  Published 30.11.20

Add natural immunity boosters to your diet

Intake of coconut water should always be fresh. When you add half a lemon to fresh coconut water, vitamin C shoots up by 10 times. Once every day, for a few days, having coconut water with lemon can h...
By Karan Kakkad in

Health  /  Published 30.11.20

Food that boost your immunity

Gut-friendly A high-fibre plant-rich diet with plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes appear to support the growth and maintenance of beneficial microbes, such as probiotics and preb...
By Hena Nafis in

Health  /  Published 30.11.20

Keeping fit during the pandemic

I have been spending most of time at home, eating home-cooked food, primarily vegetarian and a lot of fruit juices. I have also been going for a run every now and then to keep in shape. Running helps ...
By Urvashi Bhattacharya in

Health  /  Published 29.11.20

Fitness for young women

As a result, it pushes many young girls away from participating in physical activities, impairs relationship with peers and creates more self-doubt in their understanding of their physical self. There...
By Kaushik Talukdar in

Health  /  Published 24.11.20

Medical marvels in your kitchen cupboard

This can help to soothe those with bronchitis according to a 2006 study, which found there was a reduction in coughing fits when people took a mixture of thyme and ivy over a placebo. Not only does th...
By Helen Chandler-Wilde in

Health  /  Published 24.11.20

Period pain? Get an ultrasound done

I am worried I might get the flu. Since it has the same symptoms as Covid-19, I am really scared. Flu is very contagious, especially during the rainy, cold season when people tend to huddle together....
By Dr Gita Mathai in

Health  /  Published 24.11.20

Avoid the itch, ask which

Year 2020 often feels less real and more like a movie. From being confined home for weeks to sanitising everything from yourself to the  packet of bread brought from the market, from not seeing f...
By Manasi Shah in

Health  /  Published 24.11.20

Bhagyashree charms all with her motivational talk

Talking about menopause, she said: “The anticipation of a problem creates bigger problems than it really is. One has to adapt to a lifestyle change to remain in the best of health. What works fo...
By Aniruddha Biswas in


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