Go slow up the age bar

Chronological age is one number. Functional age, on the other hand, is the sum of your physiological, psycholo...

Weight on my mind

I want to lose weight drastically in 2022. However, there are so many diets, like keto, Mediterranean and inte...

Problem pills

High blood pressure remains a leading cause of death and disability. There are many reasons for the high rate ...

Healthy New Year

What time of day do you feel your best? For some people, we may feel most energetic during the first few hours...

When the bug hits the gut

In India, around 10 million suspected cases of food poisoning happen every year. All age groups are affected &...

Up all night?

Sleep — both its quantity and its quality — is one of the most frequently discussed health topics....

Health  /  Published 20.10.21

Keep the mask up

Masks work best when everyone in the room is wearing one. That’s because when an infected person wears a mask, a large percentage of their exhaled infectious particles are trapped, stopping vira...
By Tara Parker-Pope

Health  /  Published 08.10.21

Considering natural products for your baby? Time to shift to certified organic baby care range from goodnessme

The outermost layer of baby’s skin is 30% thinner than that of adults. Hence, it is super sensitive and permeable. That is why it is necessary to choose products which are made from pure ingredi...
By ABP Digital Brand Studio

Health  /  Published 07.10.21

‘Are we doing enough to be fit from inside?’

Tetley Green Tea Immune brought together actor and fitness enthusiast Malaika Arora, actor Drashti Dhami, author and nutritionist Kavita Devgan and Puneet Das, the president, Packaged Beverages (India...
By Aniruddha Biswas

Health  /  Published 06.10.21

Good Night, Sleep Right

Sleep is one of the most primitive requirements of life. Numerous studies and long-drawn research have simplified some aspects of its function and nature, though a lot of it yet remains elusive. The ...
By Dr Debanjan Banerjee

Health  /  Published 06.10.21

New food for the baby

Infants start life on a diet of milk. This is usually breast milk. It is sterile and can be produced on demand, and its composition is ideally suited to the baby’s needs calorie-wise, ease of di...
By Dr Gita Mathai

Health  /  Published 29.09.21

DIVOC software solution from eGov Foundation receives compliance certification from WHO

DIVOC (Digital Infrastructure for Vaccination Open Credentialing), an open-source, free-to-use software solution by India-based eGov Foundation for large-scale vaccination programs is now compliant wi...
By ABP Digital Brand Studio

Health  /  Published 29.09.21

Blood filter dysfunction

We humans are created with a “backup” plan. Most of our essential organs are paired. We have two eyes, ears, lungs, ovaries, testes and kidneys. If one fails, the other compensates. This i...
By Dr Gita Mathai

Health  /  Published 29.09.21

O.C.D. and the pandemic

Most people behave in one or more ways that others may consider peculiar, and I am no exception. I want my clothes to match, from shoes to eyeglasses and everything in between (including underwear &md...
By Jane E. Brody

Health  /  Published 28.09.21

Acupuncture can heal musculoskeletal ailments

Pritee Ganatra is a certified medical practitioner specialising in alternative medicine. She is the founder and principal practitioner, Sarojini Sujok Clinic. Email:, Instagram...
By Pritee Ganatra

Health  /  Published 28.09.21

One’s never too young for a heart attack

• Eat a clove of garlic twice a week on an empty stomach • Punch in dietary fibre-rich oats, quinoa and leafy greens into your daily meals • Fish in diet meets the healthy fat need of...
By Eshani Bhaumik Barui


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