It’s the genes!

Reena always felt tired, no matter how well she slept. Weight had started creeping up despite her practically ...

Speedy girls

I successfully defended my PhD in New Zealand last month. My PhD was a novel study and one of the first to inv...

Social distancing might be safe, but it comes at a cost

After a fight between siblings after a fight. A tight hug between friends when they meet after a long time. A ...

The shot that you need

The government has decided a massive immunisation rollout against the pandemic- causing coronavirus. Earlier, ...

Signs of dehydration

It has become very hot, so I feel worried about dehydration. What symptoms should I look out for? Dehydration...

Discover the benefits of pedaling

There are many benefits to cycling, especially if you can do it on open fields. Let’s look at the advant...

Health  /  Published 17.03.21

Coronavirus questions

I have taken the coronavirus vaccine. Can I still catch Covid-19? You can still get the coronavirus infection but it will be a mild attack, similar to the flu. However, you still need to wear a mask ...
By Dr Gita Mathai in

Health  /  Published 10.03.21

Heart of the matter

Many people are worried about pain on the left side of the chest. For doctors too chest pain sometimes poses a diagnostic dilemma. This is compounded by the fact that all heart attacks do not necessar...
By Dr Gita Mathai in

Health  /  Published 10.03.21

Food addiction: choco chips you

Five years ago, a group of nutrition scientists studied what Americans eat and reached a striking conclusion — more than half of all the calories that the average American consumes comes from ul...
By Anahad O’Connor in

Health  /  Published 06.03.21

Covid: multilayer masks more effective

Multilayer masks are most effective at preventing aerosol generation, says a new study conducted by a team led by researchers at Bengaluru-based Indian Institute of Science (IISc). The study was carr...
By Our Bureau, Agencies in New Delhi

Health  /  Published 04.03.21

Golden rules for a flat tummy

Steps to reduce belly fat #1 Cardiovascular exercise Perhaps there is no other exercise that reduces belly fat faster than cardio. This does not mean you have to engage in high intensity cardio work...
By Mayukh Banerjee in

Health  /  Published 03.03.21

Set realistic workout goals

Want to exercise more this year? Then adopt workout goals that are challenging but not too challenging, tough but doable, individualised but evolving. Or maybe just plan to walk at least an extra 500 ...
By Gretchen Reynolds in

Health  /  Published 03.03.21

Malady one, cures myriad

Asthma may be a disease with one name. But experts say unbeknown to most people who have it, it is not just one disease, nor is there a “one-size-fits-all” treatment. As detailed in a new ...
By Jane E. Brody in

Health  /  Published 03.03.21

The 12th vitamin

As people age, they become weak, get tired quickly, frequently lose their balance, have falls and become forgetful. Some elders are more symptomatic than others. Relatives often have their own diagnos...
By Dr Gita Mathai in

Health  /  Published 27.02.21

The art of eating

Shikha Prakash is an Ayurvedic consultant at Padaav Speciality Ayurvedic Treatment Centre, Dehradun, and a visiting consultant at AMRI Hospital, Dhakuria ...
By Shikha Prakash in

Health  /  Published 26.02.21

Malaika Arora on life after Covid

As someone who has recovered from Covid, how do you look back on those days? It was a scary experience for me and my family. But I’m really grateful for a healthy and happy life post-Covid. Co...
By Sudeshna Banerjee in


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