It’s the genes!

Reena always felt tired, no matter how well she slept. Weight had started creeping up despite her practically ...

Speedy girls

I successfully defended my PhD in New Zealand last month. My PhD was a novel study and one of the first to inv...

Social distancing might be safe, but it comes at a cost

After a fight between siblings after a fight. A tight hug between friends when they meet after a long time. A ...

The shot that you need

The government has decided a massive immunisation rollout against the pandemic- causing coronavirus. Earlier, ...

Signs of dehydration

It has become very hot, so I feel worried about dehydration. What symptoms should I look out for? Dehydration...

Discover the benefits of pedaling

There are many benefits to cycling, especially if you can do it on open fields. Let’s look at the advant...

Health  /  Published 01.04.21

Do good, eat good

• Set a to-do-list – there’s nothing better than the satisfaction of ticking off your achievements. • Focus on eating natural, unprocessed foods. Tune into your hunger and satie...
By David Edward Raj in

Health  /  Published 31.03.21

The smell of sweat

• Remove underarm and groin hair as they trap both sweat and bacteria. Bacteria cannot breed in dry areas of the body • Bathe twice a day using antibacterial soap. Do not apply the soap dir...
By Dr Gita Mathai in

Health  /  Published 31.03.21

Jump, it’ll pump your brain

Exercise can change how crucial portions of our brain communicate as we age, improving aspects of thinking and remembering, according to a fascinating new study of ageing brains and aerobic workouts. ...
By Gretchen Reynolds in

Health  /  Published 28.03.21

Schizophrenia: maze of torment

We do not know exactly what causes the illness Most people who are diagnosed as having schizophrenia experience a detachment from reality. Often — though not always — this is deeply distr...
By J.R. Ram in

Health  /  Published 25.03.21

Tai Chi for lungs

The Harvard Medical School in its subscribed mailing service speaks of the beneficial effects of Tai Chi on COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease).Tai Chi combines “sequences of slow, flow...
By The Telegraph in

Health  /  Published 24.03.21

Gut flora and probiotics

The human body has a nine-metre-long alimentary canal that is open to the environment at both ends. It is populated with millions of microbes: bacteria, viruses and fungi. In addition, there are harmf...
By Dr Gita Mathai in

Health  /  Published 24.03.21

Sure Shot

Had I been polled last fall, I would have registered as a Covid vaccine sceptic. I told anyone who asked that I was going to wait at least six months after a vaccine was approved, by which time I hope...
By Jane E. Brody in

Health  /  Published 24.03.21

Heavy weight lessons from the Amazon

When children gain excess weight, the culprit is more likely to be eating too much than moving too little, according to a new study of children in Ecuador. The study compared the lifestyles, diets and...
By Gretchen Reynolds in

Health  /  Published 18.03.21

Two-week sugar free challenge

Sugar is not as sweet as you think it is! This is probably not news to you, but the higher your sugar intake, the fatter you get! And with increased body fat comes the risks of high cholesterol, type ...
By Mayukh Banerjee in

Health  /  Published 17.03.21

Old age blues

My dad stays so silent of late. He has stopped going to the club, stopped gardening — his favourite activity — and rarely speaks...” “Do not worry, that is just age. It is the...
By Dr Debanjan Banerjee in


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