’Tis The Season

After nearly two years of pandemic living, we are all ready to spend more time with friends and family. And mo...

Raw deal for the unborn

I am four months pregnant. Can I eat sushi? Raw, undercooked fish can be contaminated with bacteria and paras...

Right workout doesn’t kill

Kannada actor Puneeth Rajkumar suffered a fatal cardiac arrest as he was training in a gym a few weeks ago. Hi...

Who’s next?

For the third time Neena had to take leave for her brother’s Covid-19 vaccination. All three local vacci...

When sugar turns sour

November 14 was World Diabetes Day. On that day, we tried to remember the 63 million adults diagnosed with dia...

Medical flip-flops

When it comes to preventive health, few tenets are as entrenched as daily aspirin. For more than 30 years, man...

Health  /  Published 12.11.21

Blood cancer: timely detection holds key

For decades, blood cancer diagnoses have induced instant anxiety. But there is no need to panic if a patient is diagnosed with blood cancer these days, believes Dr Anupam Chakrapani, senior consultant...
By ABP Digital Brand Studio

Health  /  Published 10.11.21

Against the Grain

Sometimes, seemingly small changes in a health measurement can make a very large difference to people’s well-being. Such is the case with the effect on blood pressure of the essential nutrient s...
By Jane E. Brody

Health  /  Published 10.11.21

Fast unto health

I am diabetic and on medication. I want to start fasting on alternate days. Can I skip my tablets on those days? It depends on how high your fasting sugars and your overall health are. Check your blo...
By Dr Gita Mathai

Health  /  Published 04.11.21

Obesity and Covid

Comorbidity was a rarely known term, but it has become a buzzword thanks to Covid. Did you know that obesity is a comorbidity? Yes, you heard right. Obesity not only increases your chance of infection...
By Mayukh Banerjee

Health  /  Published 03.11.21

The dreaded warmth

Fever is a frightening symptom, especially today — on one side, there is the dreaded coronavirus lurking; on the other, there are infectious and parasitic diseases. It can also be part of the bo...
By Dr Gita Mathai

Health  /  Published 03.11.21

Your spot under the sun

Even with the recent decades of globalisation, Indians continue to suffer from malnutrition. Absence of micronutrients, such as vitamins, can lead to specific forms of malnutrition causing “defi...
By Dr Debanjan Banerjee

Health  /  Published 27.10.21

How blue is my blue?

During normal times, 15-20 per cent of the population suffers either from anxiety or a combination of anxiety and depression. The last two years have changed everyone’s lives —the Covid-19...
By Dr Gita Mathai

Health  /  Published 27.10.21

Weight Watchers’ Guide

An interesting new review of the relationships between fitness, weight, heart health and longevity, which analysed the results of hundreds of previous studies of weight loss and workouts in men and wo...
By Gretchen Reynolds

Health  /  Published 24.10.21

Redress the balance

Peripheral neuropathy (diabetic foot): Individuals suffering from diabetes should check with their GP regarding sensory loss, foot ulcers and advice on appropriate footwear (like wearing socks/sandals...
By Kaushik Talukdar, Shouvik Nandy

Health  /  Published 21.10.21

Think before you feast

As the season for celebrations and parties advances, it can be tough to resist temptation and overindulgence. With flavours of ice creams or mithai floating in the air, how does one ignore the urge to...
By Ira Trivedi


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