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Mountaineering is a luxury sport

Students speak up on the issue

The Telegraph   |   Published 31.01.23, 05:57 AM


Testing times


If luxury means lavishness and comfort then mountaineering is certainly not a luxury sport. The high altitude continuously tests the physical and mental fitness of a mountaineer. It requires solid teamwork and coordination as well as a fair amount of knowledge to conquer a peak. Above all, there is the unpredictable weather.

Srijon Kumar Maity Second year, Meghnad Saha Institute of Technology, Calcutta

Costs lives

Mountaineering requires physical robustness and mental strength. Mountaineers have to carry heavy oxygen cylinders. This takes a toll on energy when they have to climb uphill. Frost bite is a prevailing threat. Delays due to snow storms or losing the way may lead to running out of oxygen. No matter how exclusive mountaineering may be, a sport which could cost human life can never be a luxury sport.

Zinat Sultana Class XI, Calcutta Girls’ High School, Calcutta

Bare minimum

Mountaineering is all about trying to survive amidst nature with the bare minimum. High altitudes, low oxygen levels and heavy mountaineering gear and equipment, all require a fit body and a super fit mind. And then there are the extreme weather conditions. So mountaineering cannot really be called a luxury sport.

Ridhima Mittal Class XII, The Heritage School, Calcutta

Too risky

Mountaineering cannot be called a luxury sport because it is too risky and dangerous. If you fall five feet, you might injure yourself; if you fall more than 20 feet, there’s a very real chance that you may die. Md Tafsir Ali Third year,

Darul Huda Islamic University Bengal Campus, Paikar, Birbhum


Costly adventure

To become a mountaineer, you need proper training and expensive equipment that only a privileged few can afford. Like all other adventure sports, mountaineering too has inherent risks and needs talent, patience and endurance, but it remains a luxury beyond the reach of the common man.

Ipsa Ray Class X, Delhi Public School, Ruby Park, Calcutta

Expensive hobby

Mountaineering requires expensive equipment, which includes special boots, harness, backpacks, trekking poles and more. Such equipment can only be afforded by the wealthy.

Divyanshu Sahu Class X, Maria’s Day School, Howrah

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