Monday, 30th October 2017

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IIT Madras researchers come up with SHAKTI family of microprocessors

  • Published 29.10.18, 10:48 PM
  • Updated 29.10.18, 10:48 PM
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The microprocessors developed by the researchers at IIT Madras will decrease India’s reliance on imported ones. This is a representational image. Shutterstock

Researchers at the Indian Institute of Technology Madras have designed and booted up the first indigenously-developed microprocessor in the country. This microprocessor is suitable for use in smartphones and laptops, IoT (Internet of Things) devices and networking systems. 

Named SHAKTI, the processor was successfully fabricated at the Semi-Conductor Laboratory of the Indian Space Research Organization (Isro) in Chandigarh. The SHAKTI family of microprocessors will decrease India’s reliance on imported ones.