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All colleges should have a compulsory dress code

College students compare their dressing style which creates an inferiority complex among students. A compulsory dress code will not only create a feeling of equality but also make students focus on their studies rather than on their clothes. 

TT Bureau   |     |   Published 23.07.15, 12:00 AM

College students compare their dressing style which creates an inferiority complex among students. A compulsory dress code will not only create a feeling of equality but also make students focus on their studies rather than on their clothes.

Anupriya Agarwal
Class XI, St Thomas’ Girls’ School, Calcutta

Dress code does not necessarily mean college uniform. A decent, smart and formal dress is what is expected in a formal place like college. It is a place where students from different backgrounds and cultures come to learn. Hence, a homogeneity is imperative. A dress code brings about unity and eliminates discrimination. 

Fourth year, Techno India Salt Lake, Calcutta

Just like one cannot wear everyday wear or casual dress to parties, similarly it is unethical to attend college in party wear. A strict dress code for all colleges would therefore serve the purpose.

MSc first year, Calcutta University

In school we have to wear a uniform. So we do not develop a sense of what to wear and where to wear it. If colleges too impose a strict dress code, we will never to choose the right dress. So instead of a compulsory dress code, colleges should punish students for wearing the wrong dress and also teach them to choose the right dress at the right time. 

Debolina Mondal
First year, Bethune College, Calcutta

Compulsory dress code reflects the discipline and uniformity. It is also helpful because after getting a degree, if we go to work for a good company, there too we will have to follow a dress code. Also, if there is a dress code, we do not have to waste time every day on deciding what to wear.

Atish kr gupta
Second year, Swami Vivekananda Institute of Science and
Technology (SVIST), Calcutta



College is a place to express individuality. When students reach college, they should have the freedom to choose what they want to wear. It is unfair to force a thing like a dress code upon them.

Koushik Roy
Final year, JIS College of Engineering, Kalyani 

The sense of dressing comes from one’s common sense. We live in a society where we need to be decently dressed and the definition of this decency is embedded within us from a tender age. One’s presence of mind should allow one to judge what suits one best and on what occasion. So colleges do not need to force a dress code on us adults. If any college has to do so because students are “indecently dressed” then I’ll say that the college admission procedure may have selected students with high intellect but with no common sense of decency. 

Renata Saha
Second year, NIT, Durgapur

As sensible citizens, we should see a student for the person he or she is, not the clothes he or she wears. People are who they are irrespective of what they wear. But forcing girls to dress covering themselves because men who ogle her on the road can’t hold their horses, or boys who come to college in sandals, and bermuda shorts because its comfortable, have to wear formal shirts and trousers, is pointless. Students wear what is comfortable for them. A student’s job is to study, and they can do it in whatever they wear, but forcing a dress code on them is basically telling them that you can force your thought on anyone else. 

Jishnu Bose
Second year, BStat, Indian Statistical Institute, Calcutta

At this age we are smart and adult enough to choose the prime minister of our country. So obviously we are old enough to choose what we want to wear to college. It is completely our decision whether we want to go in a pair of ripped jeans or with a single earring. Being formally dressed does not imply you are intelligent or disciplined. It’s our state of mind, our dressing sense, our style statement that is involved with every oufit we wear. Not how much brains we have. 

Dipayan Das
MSc final year, NIT, Durgapur

I feel that it is essential for a teenager to build up his/her own presence — of which dressing is a very important part. As they leave college and enter the corporate or professional world, they will not have any set dress codes but will have to depend on their own discretion as to what to wear when and where. If uniforms are made compulsory in colleges then they may not be able to develop that discretion at all. 

Tanima Debmallik
Second year MBA, Symbiosis International University, Pune



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