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Gigi Hadid and Shawn Mendes joined the Met Gala meme list this year

The Telegraph looks back at some iconic looks that generated some unforgettable memes on fashion’s biggest night

Pramita Ghosh Published 13.05.22, 01:16 AM
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Some called her outfit a sofa, some called it a quilt and others compared it to a mosquito repellent coil — Gigi Hadid kept Twitterverse busy after her Met Gala appearance this year on May 2. Dressed in a corset top with an epic puffer long coat by Versace, Gigi’s outfit was also compared to the Michelin mascot that cracked everyone up!

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When you think of a Met Gala meme, you cannot look beyond Rihanna’s 2015 canary yellow outfit designed by Guo Pei that was probably the first outfit that generated the whole meme rage! From calling the 16ft train a pizza to an omelette in a pan, the outfit remains one iconic meme  fave.

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Priyanka Chopra Jonas’s debut was helmed as one of the memorable looks on the Met Gala red carpet in 2017, thanks to the “world’s longest trench coat” that got eyes popping and meme makers busy! Twitterati was abuzz with some of the funniest memes that compared her to the malai in chai to the Pyramids in Egypt, which the actor sportingly shared on her social media page too!

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Kim Kardashian led the meme list at the Met Gala 2021 when she walked in wearing a head-to-toe black outfit with her face covered in black too! It was honestly hard to instantly recognise her on the red carpet. While someone said she looked like the shadow, the other popular choice was dementors from Harry Potter!

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Lights, camera and meme! Katy Perry’s very luminuous appearance in 2019 instantly had people comparing her to Lumière and boy, it was spot on!

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Summer Love singer Shawn Mendes was not spared on social media as a string of memes made its way comparing his Met Gala look this year to that of Doctor Strange played by Benedict Cumberbatch. It’s probably the colour scheme that triggered the comparison but we cannot deny seeing the similarity.

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