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Tantalise your taste buds

Salad to snack and dessert, here are recipes that you can easily rustle up at home

The Telegraph   |   Published 15.08.21, 10:09 PM

Cucumber Wrapped, Prunes & Bandel Cheese (Salad)



• 100g English cucumber

• 70g green apple

• 1 fresh orange

• 25g lime

• 15g coriander stem

• 3g pink salt

• 30g lollo rosso

• 150g prunes (dry aloo bukhara)

• 180g Bandel cheese

• 3g Thai chilli

• Black grape juice, as required


Take a bowl and make the dressing with fresh orange juice, lime juice, Thai chilli and rock salt. Keep aside. Shave the cucumber and green apple and add them to the dressing and leave it overnight.

Soak Bandel cheese overnight and blend it to a smooth consistency the next day. To make an emulsion with dried prunes, cook the prunes in black grape juice and blend. Mix olive oil and black pepper.

For platting, take lollo rosso and add the prunes emulsion to it. Take the shaved green apple and place it on the lettuce. Roll the lettuce and wrap it with shaved cucumber. Now, pour some emulsion at the centre of the plate and place the cucumber-wrapped lettuce on it. Add some Bandel cheese mousse on top and serve.

Besan Laddu Cream Cake


• 50g gram flour (besan)

• 20g ghee

• 20g powdered sugar

• 40g cashew

• 100ml milk

• 1g cinnamon powder

• A pinch of saffron

• 5g almond flakes

• 30g black grapes


Take a pan and put it on low flame. Add besan and stir constantly for 15 minutes. Once the raw smell has disappeared, add 2tbsp of ghee and mix properly. Add powdered sugar and cinnamon powder in the besan. Let it cool.

For the cashew cream, take another pan and put it on medium flame. Add milk. Once the milk starts boiling, add crushed cashew and cook gently till the milk is reduced and becomes thick. Add sugar and saffron. Let it cool and then pour it into a piping bag.

For black grape compote, put the grapes in a pan on low flame for half an hour.

For plating, keep some besan laddu crumble in the centre of a plate and some almond flakes too. Put cashew cream on top of the crumble before finishing it off with some grape compote.

Fish and Chicken Grilled Platter

Ingredients for grilled chicken

• 1 leg piece of chicken

• 1 breast piece of chicken

• 2tsp Worcestershire sauce

• 10g chopped garlic

• 5g crushed black pepper

• 5g aromatic powder

• 10g kasundi

• A pinch of thyme

• 15ml refined oil

• Salt, to taste

For grilled fish

• 250g basa, fillet

• 10g kasundi

• 5g peppercorn, crushed

• 1tsp lemon juice

• 1tsp parsley, chopped

• 1tsp Garlic, chopped

• A pinch of garam masala

• 10ml refined oil

• Salt to taste

For chicken sausage

• 4 chicken sausages

• 1g chilli flakes

• 5g garlic, chopped

• Thyme, a pinch

• 5ml chilli oil


For the basa, chicken breasts and leg, mix all the ingredients mentioned for each and marinade for 30 minutes.

Next, grill the chicken and fish on medium hot grill plate. Then, take the chicken sausages and all the other ingredients and grill them on the grill plate.

Serve with jacket potato, grilled tomatoes and green beans. Serve hot and enjoy.

Mutton Dahi Vada


• 200g mutton keema

• 10g ginger, chopped

• 15g garlic, chopped

• 10g green chilli, chopped

• ½ tsp Kitchen King powder

•  ½ tsp turmeric powder

•  ½ tsp cumin powder

•  ½ tsp coriander powder

• Salt, to taste

• ½ tsp garam masala

• 80g boiled potato

• 25g coriander leaves

• 1 egg

• 200g panko breadcrumb

• 100ml refined oil

• 300g curd

• 50g sugar

• 30g tamarind chutney

• 40g bhujia

• 5g coriander

• 4 luchis


Saute mutton keema with garlic, ginger and chopped green chilli. Then add salt, Kitchen King powder, turmeric, cumin, coriander powder, garam masala and saute.

Mix boiled potato and coriander leaves with the sauteed mutton and make six balls.

Dip the mutton balls in egg and coat with breadcrumb. Repeat the process twice and then deep-fry in refined oil.

Mix sugar in curd and add the deep-fried balls in them. Garnish with tamarind chutney, coriander leaves, bhujia and serve with luchi.

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