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Recipe: Pork katsudon, a popular Japanese dish

Chef Morita of Kampai at New Delhi's Aerocity shares the recipe for pork katsudon, the most popular dish at the restaurant

  • Published 15.03.19, 7:04 PM
  • Updated 16.03.19, 7:52 PM
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Pork katsudon Kampai



Pork Katsudon
    Step 1

    Take pork slices and dust them in refined flour

    Step 2

    Dip the pork slices in egg and then in panko crumbs

    Step 3

    Deep fry the pork until it is brown in colour

    Step 4

    Take a pan and boil katsu sauce with sliced onions

    Step 5

    After one boil put fried pork slices on top of that

    Step 6

    Spread two whisked eggs

    Step 7

    Let it cook for one minute, and add 1 TSP of sesame oil. Keep the pan aside

    Step 8

    In a bowl, take around 140 gm of sticky rice and flip the cooked pork slices nicely on top of the rice

    Step 9

    Garnish with spring onions

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