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Recipe: Lukter, an Arunachal delicacy

A popular side dish in Arunachal Pradesh, Lukter is generally had with rice

By The Telegraph
  • Published 4.03.20, 6:00 PM
  • Updated 4.03.20, 6:00 PM
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The Ashok Hotel in Delhi recently hosted a three-day Arunachal food festival. Arunachal Pradesh is home to 26 tribes and over a 100 sub-tribes and their culture greatly influences the food of the region. With staples like rice, meat, fish and bamboo shoots, the cuisine is rich in flavor. Most dishes are steamed and very less oil is used making it extremely healthy.

We share a recipe for Lukter, a side dish mainly eaten with rice. It is a combination of chilli flakes and cooked dry meat. Depending upon your spice levels you can put regular dried chillies or bhut jolokia, considered the hottest chilli in the world.


  • Chicken : 250 grams
  • Dried chilies : 250 grams
  • Salt as per taste
  • Oil to fry the chicken


  1. Roast the dried chilies in a pan.
  2. Grind the roasted chillies.
  3. Boil chicken till it cooks properly and drain the water.
  4. Shred the chicken and keep it for drying.
  5. Take a pan and fry the chicken once it is dry.
  6. Mix the chilly flakes and shredded fried chicken together.
  7. Add salt as per taste.

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