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And so So many Promises Not to keep

The money is yours, have no worries, but we will decide what portion of it you can have and how often

Sankarshan Thakur Published 08.01.23, 03:55 AM
I never promised, but I gave ki nahin, bolo?

I never promised, but I gave ki nahin, bolo? Anon

And so so many promises not made to keep. Now how about that? How about such a man? Who promises not but fulfils those promises that weren’t? Which man would that be? Look carefully. Which one is it? That made the promise and did not keep? Or the man that kept the promise he did not make? We shall throw in an extra one just to juice up your choices a little, go on take a guess. Which one is the real one, or are they all fake throwing fake vows at you and still wowing you?

And not one promise it was, or two, a catalogue as high as a ladder to hell’s gates it was. Remember standing in those lines? Come to think of it, they came close to rivalling the length of the catalogue of promises never made but still made good. Just a thought. Those lines. Long. Unmoving. Weaving. Winding. And at the end of it what? Remember staying the tortured course and then being told you won’t get what part of your money you wish to have. The money is yours, have no worries, but we will decide what portion of it you can have and how often. Remember that? I never promised, but I gave ki nahin, bolo?


Woh Chini waala baat, bolaa thhaa kya? But still did it, no? Not promised but provided. Lots of Chini, here, there, everywhere. Agreed too much Chini is not good for health, too much Chini can make us go all pear-shaped from the top. Agreed. Agreed. That’s why I became clever you see, as I often am. I also turned around and said there is no Chini anywhere. Naa koi aaya hai… Feel safe, we have not allowed Chini, even though, truth to tell there is lots of Chini and all that Chini on top of us is more proof of what I did not promise and still gave.

Show me where I promised I will remodel the capital and give you a new one? But I am giving you one, a capital of your own, not of people who ruled us, but of people who rule you. My Capital. It is a thing. Such a thing that its motions did not stop even when thousands of you were dying all over because of, oh what was it called, Act of God, yes that is what it was. So God was acting on the killing fields, and I was going on building. Many buildings. None of which I had promised. Reckon with how monumental that might have been.

But everybody is talking promises and promises not kept. This promise, that promise, and that other promise. Arrey bhai, PM does not mean Promise Maker, naa, it is Pradhan Sewak. Or some such thing I invented, wink-wink.

I also gave you another thing we never promised. And we shall offer you more. Here, then, is one more of that artful thing called jumla.

We shall get there

Now’s not the time

I shall tell you where

Thank you, that’s the rhyme.

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