Opinion  /  Published 29.01.23

In the company of the Biskut

Bartaaania Biskut Compaani, arre wahi BeeBeeCee bhai, has manufactured some dokumentaari when it should only have been baking biskuts...
By Sankarshan Thakur

Opinion  /  Published 22.01.23

As of Date There is no Data

And then you mock and dock me for not having data, or giving it? ...
By Sankarshan Thakur

Opinion  /  Published 15.01.23

Beware of The ides, And why not, Of January

Does it only fall on the 15th, as in mid-month, although the 15th is very frequently not mid-month and so calling it that is inexactitude...
By Sankarshan Thakur

Opinion  /  Published 08.01.23

And so So many Promises Not to keep

The money is yours, have no worries, but we will decide what portion of it you can have and how often...
By Sankarshan Thakur

Arts  /  Published 07.01.23

Indian sculpture through the ages

Famous Tagore bust appeared to suggest how the epiphanic philosophy of 'Akash bhora' had ended in the existential despair of 'pelona uttor'...
By Rita Datta


Opinion  /  Published 01.01.23

Yeh laal Rang kab Mujhe Chhorega?

If you cannot see what’s coming, you’re probably still on what they sold to you as nectar...
By Sankarshan Thakur

Opinion  /  Published 25.12.22

Going up and only up who knows what’s up

But sometimes things can ascend and descend like that...
By Sankarshan Thakur

Opinion  /  Published 18.12.22

I can See you Will you See me?

I am meant to be secret but I am not so well kept...
By Sankarshan Thakur

Opinion  /  Published 04.12.22

I am the key to the don

The difference between who I am and the metaphor I have been turned into is of a prodigious magnitude, let us not get into how prodigious...
By Sankarshan Thakur

Opinion  /  Published 27.11.22

It is that growing daily thing

Perhaps not entirely erroneous to speculate razors were before history was...
By Sankarshan Thakur


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