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Opinion  /  Published 01.08.20

Yes People And No People

The world, our world, is no longer the world it used to be because the world, our world, got changed and became this world and that world and there lay in between the two worlds a chasm for the rest, ...
By Sankarshan Thakur in

Opinion  /  Published 26.07.20

Jab bhi yeh dil udaas hota hai

Oh, but you must. It cannot be any other way. Do you ever feel? You must. A twinge. A pinch. A tug. Chalo, a bug. No? It must bite, all that you’ve done, or get done. If to nothing else, to your...
By Sankarshan Thakur in

Opinion  /  Published 19.07.20

Did we not say this about fairness?

We got slammed and flayed black and blue for this, remember? Everybody called us all manner of names; cascades of abuse, acres and acres of diatribes. We were taken to the cleaners and to the dryers, ...
By Sankarshan Thakur in

Opinion  /  Published 12.07.20

But Where Is that Kaimraa?

The one that does not lie. But the one that can be lied to. It’s a thing to be used. Or abused. It is used to that. Being put to use and abuse. Happens all the time. Just ask the Kaimraa. It do...
By Sankarshan Thakur in

Opinion  /  Published 05.07.20

The word best not spoken

Some tea this Sunday morning? Sure. Milk? A little, yes, a little milk would be fine. Sugar? What? Noooooooooo! No, no, no, please no. Spare me. Perish the thought. Don’t even mention it. That h...
By Sankarshan Thakur in

Opinion  /  Published 28.06.20

Oh that line, it has been crossed!

You see that line? That’s the critical thing, to keep your eye on the line. There are lines. You must know that if you were properly brought up. You must have been told about lines, and what lines n...
By Sankarshan Thakur in

Opinion  /  Published 13.06.20

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

You know me. How could you not? If you do not know me you don’t deserve to be. How could that be? How could you be and not know me? Not possible. Either you know me or you are not. That is it. That ...
By Sankarshan Thakur in

Opinion  /  Published 06.06.20

We don’t Know What we Do know

Something’s happening. Or so we are being told. Or so many suspect and are speculating about. Kuchh na kuchh to ho raha hai. Par kya? Something. If there’s so much talk of something there cannot b...
By Sankarshan Thakur in

Opinion  /  Published 30.05.20

Those things in our skies

Dangerous things. Never make light of them. Although you might be tempted to think they are light because they are floating about in the sky. They are not all airy things. Or fairy things. Ever heard ...
By Sankarshan Thakur in

Opinion  /  Published 23.05.20

Bachpan Ke din Bhula Na dena

Never easy to forget where you came from, and how. Often the journeys lie in ourselves, like tid-bits and odds and ends secured away, bundled up and pushed at the back of some cabinet; they lie there ...
By Sankarshan Thakur in


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