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‘Maxton Hall — The World Between Us’ — a tale of two star-crossed lovers

Prime Video’s upcoming release is interesting for more than one reason. Know what they are…

Published 22.04.24, 09:36 AM
Image courtesy: @primevideoin/Instagram

Maxton Hall — The World Between Us is about to release on Prime Video. A tale that has been summed up by the OTT platform as “a genius scholar and a millionaire heir, enemies or lovers?” along with the trailer gives enough release to stay hooked for the release. Meanwhile, here’s what we know about Maxton Hall:

  • It is a six-episode series
  • It is based on Mona Kasten’s bestseller Save Me
  • It is a tale of two star-crossed lovers — James Beaufort and Ruby Bell
  • The story deals with class warfare
  • The trailer starts in Maxton Hall, a prestigious school and a key factor in the story
  • Damian Hardung plays James and Harriet Herbig-Matten plays Ruby
  • It is a German series with English subtitles
  • Maxton Hall is directed by Martin Schreier and Tarek Roehlinger
  • The series releases on May 9

— Pooja Mitra

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