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Pamper your mom by making a sumptuous breakfast at home

Begin the morning with a smile and a slice of sweetness

Published 12.05.24, 10:37 AM
Image courtesy: @pikturenama/Instagram

Begin the day with a sumptuous homemade breakfast and see the bright smile on your mother's face. This Mother's Day, make your mum feel special with a delicious Nutella French Toast. How? Here’s a recipe from Madhushree Basu Roy of @pikturenama:


  • Bread: 2 slices
  • Egg: 1
  • Milk: 1tbsp
  • Fine sugar: 1tsp
  • Nutella: 2 tsp and more for serving
  • Butter: 1 dollop
  • Icing sugar and strawberries for garnish 


  • In a shallow flat bottomed bowl, crack an egg and add sugar and milk. Whisk it, using a fork
  • Apply a thick layer of Nutella on one bread, using 2 tsp of the chocolate spread
  • Cover that with the other bread slice, making a sandwich. Carefully place this sandwich in the bowl with the egg. When one side has soaked enough egg, carefully flip and let the other side soak in all the egg
  • Heat a frying pan. Let it become hot and then add a dollop of butter and let it melt. Don’t add the butter first and heat because then the butter will burn
  • Gently slide the chocolate sandwich into the frying pan. Keep the heat at medium to low or else the butter will burn faster and become brown
  • Once one side has crisped up, flip and cook the other side
  • When both sides are brown and crispy, take the French toast out of the pan and put it on a kitchen towel to soak excess butter
  • If you are making another set of French toast, you need to wipe the pan with a tissue paper to take out the brown burnt butter before making a fresh batch
  • Cut the sandwich in a triangle. Drizzle more Nutella and dust icing sugar if you want. Serve with some cut up strawberries

Note from home chef Madhushree Basu Roy

About the bread: It is best to use medium-hard bread for French toast. A day or two-day-old bread works best. Brioche is an excellent choice since it is anyway buttery and becomes extra crispy when cooked further with the filling inside.

If you get a loaf and cut the bread into your desired thickness, it will be better. Sometimes sliced bread has thin slices. Then it becomes a soggy mess when you add that into the egg. 

— Jaismita Alexander 

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