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No-bake Blueberry Cheesecake

A classic dessert, and not an oven to be used

Published 13.11.21, 08:15 AM

Soft cream cheese, tart-sweet blueberries, and buttery biscuits—there are few things that go together as well as these. This easy no-bake recipe takes little prep and “cook” time and is perfect for a midweek or weekend indulgence.


250gm (1 big pack) digestive biscuits 
75-80gm butter melted and slightly cooled
200gm (1.5-2 tubs) cream cheese softened/ room temperature
100ml fresh or whole milk cream 
100gm icing sugar 
1tsp vanilla extract
1 heaped tsp gelatin powder 
1 cup dried blueberries
Hershey’s blueberry & acai chocolates for garnish



1. For the Base: Add most of the melted butter to crushed digestive biscuits and mix using fingertips. If it holds shape when clumped but also crumbles at the slightest push, you don’t need to add more butter.
Use a cake tin with a removable base. Line the base with foil and use a spatula or bowl to press down and spread the biscuit base evenly. Put it in the fridge. 

2. Whip cream till it forms relatively stiff peaks. Put it in the fridge.
In a small microwave-proof bowl add 1 heaped tsp gelatin. Add spoons of water and mix until it reaches an applesauce-like consistency. Keep aside.

3. In a big bowl, whisk or use a hand mixer to combine softened cream cheese and icing sugar. Do this till the sugar has dissolved. The cream cheese will have a mellow yellow colour.
Add vanilla extract. If you have some blueberry jam or compote, you can add a spoonful now. Gently fold in the chilled whipped cream. Whip the mix until it is fluffy and forms stiff peaks. Lightly mix in the dried blueberries.
Finally, put the bowl of gelatin in the microwave for 10-20 seconds, let it cool slightly and add to the mix. Don’t worry if the mix loses some fluffiness. Whip one last time.

4. Assembly: Tip the blueberry cream cheese into the tin with the set biscuit base and even it out. Refrigerate for at least 4-5 hours till the cheesecake is set.

Garnish with the little Hershey’s chocolate-blueberry balls or some blueberry compote and serve cold. 

- Rumela Basu