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Treat for both helpers and students

Here's what kept the students and schools busy this week

Chandreyee Ghose | Published 14.04.23, 01:14 PM

Sourced by the Telegraph

Mahadevi Birla World Academy

Mahadevi Birla World Academy organised a multi-lingual fest — Practising The Preamble — to celebrate the values of the Indian constitution that have been represented in the Preamble. Eleven city schools took part in it.


The event aimed to provide students of Classes III, IV and V a platform for creative expression, an opportunity to speak their minds and appreciate different languages — Hindi, Bengali and English.

Several creative contests were held that kindled a willingness in the students to do what is essential for a better India. They came up with several creative ideas on how to bring about changes in the country.

Taking cue from Leila Seth’s book, We, the Children of India (that simplifies the Preamble for children and makes it more appealing), Mahadevi Birla designed every event on the Preamble and the innumerable ways it can be construed.

The students used art, short performances and even solved riddles and chased clues to understand the Preamble a little better.

Seth's book was the guideline for them. The participants were encouraged to question, imbibe and become embodiments of the values that the makers of the Constitution aspired for us to live by.

"The values of the Constitution have been succinctly presented in the Preamble. We celebrated Leila Seth’s book, We, the Children of India that simplifies some of these values for children. At Mahadevi Birla World Academy, we sought to celebrate the dynamic nature of the Preamble by practising it through art. Each event was tailored to show the depth of the words immortalised in the Preamble and present the myriad ways in which they can be interpreted," said vice-principal Nupur Ghosh.

Calcutta Public School, Barasat

Calcutta Public School, Barasat, celebrated Helpers’ Day on March 27 to pay tribute to the institute's staff members. The school gave them a treat and also some respite on this day.

The celebration began with an opening dance, followed by a group dance to folk numbers by the school's lady attendants. The teachers also took part in a retro fashion show.

Speeches of gratitude by some staff members followed.

One of the teachers recited an original poem dedicated to the helpers.

Finally, the helpers took part in a grand fashion show, dressed to the hilt.

The programme ended with cake-cutting and distribution of gifts by principal Abhilasha Das and school secretary Tathagata Das. Then the teachers served a sumptuous lunch to the helpers.

"The Helpers’ Day celebration is very close to my heart. It is lovely to see our helpers showcasing their talents and beaming with joy on this special day. It is a privilege to be associated with Calcutta Public School where all members receive immense respect and recognition for their efforts," said the principal.

Ruby Park Public School

Students and teachers of Ruby Park Public School celebrated Holi and welcomed the spring season with a programme of music and dance — Colouroma. The school grounds looked vibrant as students performed in colourful costumes.

The celebration began with an introductory speech on the flavours of the season followed by a morning round or probhat pheri. Then the inaugural lamp was lit and a series of cultural programmes followed.

The events began with a poem recitation in French which was then translated into English by a student. Students of Pre-primary section and those of Classes II to IV presented songs and dance performances on spring. The spring in their steps left the audience cheering.

There were several other songs presented by the students as well as recitations in Hindi, Bengali and Sanskrit.

The day ended on a happy and colourful note with songs on every lip. All students voted for a repeat performance next year and also in the years to come.

Principal Joyita Majumder said: "It was a moment of joy to see the students taking part so enthusiastically in the programme and giving such splendid performances. The students and teachers collaborated to make this event a grand success, and we will look forward to more such events."

Asian International School

After remaining home-bound for nearly two years, Classes VI to VIII of Asian International School went on an educational trip to the M.P. Birla Planetarium, while Classes IX and XI were taken to Science City in March.

All the students were happy to enjoy a day outside the classrooms and yet learn a lot of interesting lessons.

At the M.P. Birla Planetarium, the students of Classes VI to VIII first watched a 3D show on rainforests and different species of insects inhabiting such forests. They enjoyed learning about insects’ food habits, habitat, behavioural patterns and different adaptations patterns. This added to their knowledge of various fauna that they had read about in textbooks.

Later, they watched a space show, Cosmic Collisions, in the planetarium that left everyone engrossed. The students witnessed several mysteries of the universe during the virtual tour of the night sky. They also got to know more about the solar system, different planets, Earth, comets, shooting meteoroids and the stellar cycle.

The students also watched a 3D show, on the supernatural world.

Few days later, Classes IX and XI were equally happy to be at the Science City, exploring various marvels of science and technology.

The students visited the Energy section, Fun Science section and enjoyed the 3D Science show, IMAX show and the Taramandal show. The Energy section showcased different forms of energy such as heat, light, mechanical, electrical energy and others. Other exhibits included the production of energy and its practical application and models on environmental issues and related topics.

At the Fun Science section, the students experienced various complex concepts of science through entertainment. There were experiments on light and sound. The Fun Science section enriched the visitors’ knowledge of science used in everyday life.

“The school wanted to make up for all the fun the students had missed for almost three years. An excursion completes the cycle of learning and every moment of the trip was enjoyed by all,” said principal Vijaylaxmi Kumar.

East West Model School

New students at East West Model School in Burdwan were treated to a warm welcome at the beginning of the new session. The newly admitted pupils from LKG to Class V attended the event.

Principal T.K. Sinha planned the freshers’ welcome-orientation session and conducted it under the supervision of school president S.K. Das. The aim was to make new students comfortable, give their confidence a boost and encourage their creativity.

The existing students staged a vibrant performance of songs and dance. The principal also conducted an interactive session with the parents. The event ended on a fun note with a lot of student-teacher bonding taking place.

“It was very important to have an interactive session with the parents. I told them how our school stresses on quality teaching rather than on quantity. We give a lot of stress on ethics and discipline as well. I have started weekly tests so that students don’t play truant. This institution has been a leader in Burdwan for 25 years, and I want my students to continue showing the way in the years to come,” said the principal.

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