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Techno students design Vishwakarma idol with industrial scrap

Bicycle gears to bike silencer pipes, each body part of idol was made out of recycled industrial hardware

My Kolkata Web Desk | Published 18.09.22, 08:17 PM
The Vishwakarma idol made out of industrial scrap

The Vishwakarma idol made out of industrial scrap

Techno Main

The 3rd year Mechanical Engineering department students of Techno Main Salt Lake designed a Vishwakarma idol with worn-out industrial scrap.

The different body parts of the idol were made with different industrial hardware. For the head, the students sculpted a mould with plasticine clay. The mould cavity was filled up with liquid aluminium and solidified to create the actual face of the idol. The head was attached to the rest of the body with the help of nuts and bolts. The hair of the idol was made using the chain drive used in two-wheelers.


The chest and the abdomen were joined with worn-out gears of bicycles and welded together.

The arms were connected to the sides of the chest with gears linked together with TMT bars. The muscular element was created by sheet metal covered around the rods.

Spark plugs were rewelded to worn-out foot rests of bicycles to create hands and fingers.

The legs were made of silencer pipes of bikes welded onto the base unit. Shoes were made from sheet metals spot-welded to resemble a Kolhapuri chappal.

Silencers were covered with sheet metal to resemble the idol’s dhoti.

Worn-out hand tools from the mechanical engineering workshop were used in place of weapons and a kite was made from sheet metal.

The project work helped students learn and acquire a skill set in most of the commonly used manufacturing processes such as fitting, machining, welding, carpentry, sheet metal operation, casting etc. which are available in the mechanical workshop of Techno Main Salt Lake. It also enabled the students to have proficient skills in many areas of manufacturing technology which will provide them with an extra mileage in their industrial or professional careers in days to come.

The main idea was also to interconnect technological ideas with art, aesthetics and mythology all inculcated into one.

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