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Students spread colours of joy and harmony

The Class XI students of Lakshmipat Singhania Academy gave an emotional farewell, Sayonara 2023, to their seniors

Chandreyee Ghose | Published 16.03.23, 10:01 AM

Delhi Public School, Durgapur

Delhi Public School, Durgapur, celebrated Vasantotsav on March 3, spreading colours of joy and harmony on their school grounds.


The students of Classes I to IX presented a vibrant dance performance to the Rabindrasangeet Ore Griho Bashi. There was also a special assembly on holi conducted by the students of the Pre-primary wing.

The children also performed to songs such as Holi aayegi holi and Aao khele holi. The tiny tots dressed in colourful costumes won the hearts of the audience as they danced and performed to the songs of the season.

Principal Umesh Chand Jaiswal congratulated the children for their effort and hard work. In his speech, he also asked the students to spread love and harmony among all.

The celebration ended with a vote of thanks and a message that no barrier should hold back the students.

“Vasantotsav is a celebration of spring that brings joy and happiness to our lives. Spring is the season of new beginnings, renewal and growth. It is a time when nature comes to life, and everything around us is filled with joy and beauty. Apart from the cultural significance, Vasantotsav also holds environmental importance. This festival reminds us of our responsibility towards the environment. We should celebrate this festival in an eco-friendly way and avoid using harmful chemicals, plastic and noise pollution. We should plant more trees and preserve our natural resources for future generations,” said the principal.

Podar International School, Howrah

Podar International School, Howrah, celebrated its first annual day with fanfare on February 19.

Students, teachers and parents came together on the occasion to witness the nine vivid colours of human emotion through a dance drama, Navras. The performers were students of classes I to VI.

The chief guest of the event was IAS officer Vijay Bharti, commissioner of Presidency Division and the guest of honour was B.N. Agarwala, president of the Mamraj Jayatri Foundation. Also present were the school principal Shabnam Bhowmick and headmistress of Podar Jumbo Kids Moumita Giri Maity.

Chief guest Vijay Bharti shared anecdotes about his school days and how he decided on his career. He also praised the students for putting up a commendable show.

The principal spoke about the school’s ideology and how it aims at making the students future-ready while staying rooted in traditions. In her speech, she said that a tree’s strength is decided by how far-reaching and deep its roots are.

The headmistress of Podar Jumbo Kids, Howrah, launched Podar Prep, the revamped Pre-primary section. On the occasion, a video message from institution director Swati Popat Vats was also played to the audience.

The tiny tots of Pre-primary section went on to present a performance on the lives and traditions of different tribes of our country.

Next, the stage was decorated as the senior students used different dance forms to highlight nine ras or emotions. They depicted the adbhut ras, sringar ras, karun ras, hasya ras, bhayanak ras, rudra ras, bibhatsya ras, veer ras and shanta ras.

Tania Hazra, Rumita Biswas, Rathreyi Mukherjee, Debolina Sengupta, Ranjana Mitra and Shilpi Singh had mentored the children for their performances, while academic co-ordinator Sanghamitra Basak trained the students for a dance on sringar ras. “The annual day was the culmination of the school’s year-long curriculum. Throughout the year we held sessions on mental health during a zero-period. The students were told about different emotions and how to handle the negative ones. Navras was the product of yearlong knowledge that the students had acquired. Similarly, the kids learnt about the different tribes of India at several sessions before they made their presentation,” said the principal.

Lakshmipat Singhania Academy

The Class XI students of Lakshmipat Singhania Academy gave an emotional farewell, Sayonara 2023, to their seniors - the outgoing batch -last month.

The students were invited with personalised invitation cards that looked like movie reels, keeping up with the concept of Bollywood awards night.

The students of Class XI danced to popular numbers such as Senorita, Intentions and Disco Deewane to help their seniors get into the groove.

A mashup of Tera Yaar Hoon Main and Memories by Maroon 5 was sung, as Kanishka Bothra played the guitar. The teachers also shared their happy experiences and fond memories through a video.

Aarav Bharany and Varenya Mehrotra were also conferred the most-awaited titles of Mr LSA and Ms LSA. 

Another formal farewell, also known as the Diya Ceremony, took place the next day. The students receive blessings from the elders for successfully finishing their school life and looking forward to a new one. 

“Diya signifies our students whom we have nurtured with love. We wish they spread the learning and values everywhere they go,” said director Meena Kak.

Calcutta Public School, Bidhan Park

Students of Calcutta Public School, Bidhan Park, celebrated Helpers’ Day on February 21 to express gratitude to the helpers in their school. The students paid tribute to their mother tongue and those who selflessly serve the institution, simultaneously.

The celebrations began with a welcome song. The students performed graceful dances and also a skit that spoke about their respect and empathy for the helpers.

Principal Protichi Lahiri Sengupta had come up with the idea of dedicating a day for those, who make school life smooth for all. The helpers were asked to relax and enjoy on their special day.

A PowerPoint presentation on the journey and hard work of the helpers was showcased. This was followed by music, dance, drama and recitation. The helpers took part in various games and won prizes too.

Members of the management and senior teachers felicitated them. A sumptuous lunch followed. The guests included Kalikapur branch principal Proma Das and school secretary Tathagata Das.

“Helpers’ Day is a special occasion in our school calendar. This day is dedicated to our helpers, who lend their hands in times of need. We gave them a grand treat to make them feel special,” said the principal.

Mahadevi Birla World Academy

The Primary section of Mahadevi Birla World Academy went on a cleaning spree to mark Swachh Bharat Week from February 6 to 10 with a view to teaching children the virtues of cleanliness.

The children were made to take part in fun activities in keeping with the vision Clean India, Green India. The sessions also helped the kids imbibe some good habits for life.

They were encouraged to speak about the ways in which they can keep their homes clean and segregate waste — a vital concept of Swacch Bharat Abhiyan. The children were also taught how and why is it necessary to sort wastes into dry and wet categories and put them into green and blue bins.

The topic was reinforced through stories, songs, poems and worksheets.

The week ended with special assemblies where the students spoke about how they can make Swachh Bharat a true success and thereby make a difference to the society.

The concept of the 3 R’s was introduced to the young environmentalists of Nursery by creating a robot with old cardboard boxes and waste materials. They also coloured posters, paying tribute to community helpers.

The nature lovers of KG were given a comprehension passage in English. They also made slogans to make all aware of the hazards of pollution. 

The warriors of Class I were taken on a tour of their neighbourhood. As they went round a bank, some shops, school, mosque and park, they realised the importance of keeping them clean.

Back in school, the children made brooms and dustbins.

The green brigadiers of Class II discussed about degradable and biodegradable waste and also cleaned their classrooms.

“Like every year, the Swachh Bharat week was celebrated by the primary section kids. If all of us are tuned in to the concept of waste disposal would we not be doing the Earth a good turn? At our school, it is Swachh Bharat week every day,” said vice-principal Nupur Ghosh.

Seth Soorajmull Jalan Balika Vidyalaya

Students of Seth Soorajmull Jalan Balika Vidyalaya celebrated National Science week by hosting an exhibition from February 27 and March 3. The participants were all students from Classes VI to X.

The entire school was decorated for the event. The main exhibition was held at the school auditorium. Students put up many chart, illustrations and models on various topics on the occasion. They showcased presentations on lava lamps, good conductors and bad conductors of electricity, drip irrigation system, indices in algebra and eco-friendly green homes, among others.

Students of Classes VII and IX also got awards for their creative classroom and gate decorations.

The chief guest was Sudakshina Ghosh, academic consultant with the school’s Primary section, Jalan Balika Vidyalaya. She was left impressed with the exhibition. “The displays were indeed interesting. They reflect the children’s knowledge about different branches of sciences,” she said.

The guest of honour was a medical student Aratrik Banerjee. “I am amazed to see how creatively students have utilised cost-effective materials to produce something out of the box,” he said.

Principal Nupur Banerjee congratulated the students their hard work. “The science week provided a platform for them to showcase their talent. I am proud to see how my children have learnt and are using their knowledge creatively,” she said.

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