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Sports back but not all kids in shape in Kolkata schools

Schools are noticing reluctance among a section of students to return to the field

Jhinuk Mazumdar | Published 03.11.22, 06:24 AM
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Sports practice is back in school but teachers are noticing a lack of energy and stamina among a section of students as institutions gear up for their sports day in winter. There was no real drill or march-past in the last two years as the schools were closed because of the Covid pandemic and all academic activities were held online.

Following the resumption of sports after almost two years, the schools are noticing reluctance among a section of students to return to the field.  At one school, some students are not being able to move in sync during the march-past. Several schools started sports practice after the Puja vacation because they have their sports day scheduled for December, before the campuses close for the winter vacation. 


A similar lethargy was also noticed among students when schools reopened in April after a long Covid-induced shutdown. But from April to September many of them recovered their energy. During sports the entire school has to be out on the field. The selections is made from among all students, and not just the ones who the teachers think are good in sports. “There is lethargy among students and they are reluctant to even appear for the selection. But our instruction to the physical education teacher is that everyone has to appear for the selection and they cannot be excused,” said Jessica Gomes Surana, principal of Loreto Convent Entally.

Gomes Surana said that when they started the practice, a large number of students had to be excused because of allergy or pain. Many complained they were not feeling well. “The number of such students has come down but they are still there. There are students who want to be excused because they have a headache, an injury or a pain in the leg because of the practice,” said Gomes Surana. Exception is made by schools only for a medical reason and against a certificate.

“We have decided to give three weeks of extra practice this year. We need to give them that practice to regain their stamina and confidence,” said Terence Ireland, principal of St James’ School.  Meena Kak, director of Lakshmipat Singhania Academy, said there are students who are happy to go out on the field. 

“The ones who have had no physical exercise while they were at home (during the Covid-induced shutdown) are reluctant to hit the ground,” she said.  “It’s a challenge for teachers to make them march-past in rhythm. The drill should not be too tedious and at the same time the children cannot be under prepared,” said Amita Prasad, director of Indus Valley World School.

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