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Park Circus market looks at shift to Park Circus Maidan

The construction of the new market building could take about two-and-a-half years, officials said

Subhajoy Roy | Published 28.07.22, 06:41 AM
The Park Circus market.

The Park Circus market.

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The Park Circus market could be shifted to Park Circus Maidan so that the existing market building can be pulled down and a new one built in its place, the mayoral council member in charge of the Kolkata Municipal Corporation’s market department said on Wednesday.

The construction of the new market building could take about two-and-a-half years, officials said.

Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) will make temporary structures in the portion of the ground where fairs are held, said Amiruddin (Bobby), who heads the KMC’s market department.

The Durga Puja that is held on the ground will not be affected in any way as that portion of the ground will not be taken up for the makeshift stalls, he added.

The traders have demanded that the KMC pay a certain amount to the traders every month through the construction period of the new market building as compensation for their loss, said a member of the Park Circus Poura Byabsayi Samiti.

A 56-year-old stall owner was injured earlier this month after a chunk of concrete fell on him near shop number 13 in the B block of the market.

A small portion of the cornice, measuring 1ftX1.5ft, of the second floor of the market had collapsed. Mohammad Bilal, a resident of Karaya Road, suffered injuries. The three-storey market has about 450 traders, said a trader of the market.

“I, along with officials of the KMC’s market department, went to the Park Circus market on Wednesday and spoke with the traders. We have proposed that the market could be shifted to the Park Circus Maidan. I have asked the traders to give in writing if they agree to our proposal. We will then begin the process,” Amiruddin said. He added that the traders had agreed to the proposal.

“We will not occupy the space where the Park Circus Durga Puja is held,” he added.

The western portion of the three-storey Park Circus market, located on Beckbagan Row, is in a dilapidated state. Several other places within the market are also in precarious condition.

Many traders have tied tarpaulin sheets over their stalls to shield themselves in case a concrete chunk comes off the ceiling.

Sheikh Fazal Yousuf, the vice-president of Park Circus Poura Byabsayi Samiti, said most of the traders had agreed to be shifted to the Maidan. “But we have put forth some conditions before the civic officials. This includes a monthly payment of Rs 10,000. There are many traders who run very small businesses. If they suffer customer loss because of the shift, they will fall into hardship,” said Yousuf.

The traders have also demanded that the market be downgraded to Category C from its existing Category B as per the list of KMC markets. This will reduce the rent they have to pay to the civic body.

Amiruddin said that the shift could take about six months from the time the traders give their nod in writing. The makeshift market will have toilet and drinking water facilities.

“We will give all facilities that are available in other markets. The makeshift market will function for about two to two-and-a-half-years.

Basic services have to be provided not only to the traders but the customers as well,” said Amiruddin.

Last updated on 28.07.22, 06:41 AM

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