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No more plants, is a promise I can’t keep: Lady with green fingers

Susmita Bhaduri’s love for green is so great that she prefers them over clothes and jewelry

Brinda Sarkar | Published 01.10.21, 11:54 AM
Susmita Bhaduri waters a creeper in her garden.

Susmita Bhaduri waters a creeper in her garden.

Basudeb Behera

The entrance to Susmita Bhaduri’s home is so enchanting that one feels like settling right there for the tete-a-tete. Besides plants, she has cute toy birds hung up here and there and the walls of her passage are painted with trees, birds and butterflies. She has put up funny and motivating messages on slates here and there too. “No more plants is a promise I can’t keep,” reads one.

When we moved into this house 13 years ago, people were aghast that we were choosing a neighbourhood that was deserted, unsafe and far off but I could see nothing beyond the lovely garden space I was getting in the backyard. Coming from the compact Bangur Avenue, it was a dream for me. Since the yard gets wind from the south we even named our house Dakshin Hawa.


I love growing Roses and Orchids the most as they are the toughest to grow and I like the challenge. I also have different colours of Hibiscus, Nayantara, Rangan…The Shiuli tree will soon be in bloom and the ground underneath it will be full of its white flowers. Even in winter, with all the Dahlias and Petunias, it’s as if the garden smiles at you.  

My younger son had come from the US earlier this year and was unable to return due to the pandemic. But at least he could relish the Himsagar Mangoes from our tree after many years. My husband doesn’t tend to the plants but appreciates them. I’ve caught him many a time clicking pictures of my blooms and passing them on to his friends as “good morning” messages on WhatsApp.

I have plants likes Bougainvillaea, Palms and Adeniums in the balcony and some more on the terrace. The terrace is a place I love visiting as it offers a view money cannot buy. While watering the plants up there, I get to enjoy the scenic beauty overlooking the bheris behind Sector V.

The front yard has lovely plants too. There is an Adenium with roots that look braided and a creeper that climbs the height of the house. In season, it becomes full of gorgeous red flowers that are a sight for sore eyes.

Unlike others, I have no interest in buying saris or jewellery. I prefer decorating my house, especially with plants.

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