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New Town vacant plot owners to get notice for not starting work

Notices are likely to be sent within the next couple of months

Snehal Sengupta | Published 04.03.22, 05:58 AM
Representational image.

Representational image.


Keeping construction work pending on plots in New Town will invite a notice from the New Town Kolkata Development Authority (NKDA).

The New Town authorities are mulling to send notices to builders as well as those who have been allotted residential plots and also large plots where offices are supposed to come up but work has not started yet or has started but left incomplete for a few years.

NKDA chairman Debashis Sen told The Telegraph on Thursday that they would hold a meeting and chalk out a method to send out notices to such plot owners.

The notices are likely to be sent within the next couple of months.

“We already have a database of those plots where work is yet to start. The plots were allocated to cooperative societies or builders several years back. We will take into consideration the fact that work had taken a hit because of the Covid-19 pandemic and will only send notices to those who have not started construction for more than two years,” said Sen.

Another NKDA official said a recent survey, carried out to determine the number of plots where construction is yet to start, has revealed that work has not yet started on around 700 cooperative residential plots and more than 100 large land parcels where offices or commercial buildings are supposed to come up.

“The rules stipulate that a builder or cooperative society must start work within three years of getting a plot allotted in their names,” said the official.

“Many, however, have not done so and many plots are lying vacant. They are getting covered by weeds or people are dumping garbage on them.”

Another official of NKDA said a lot of resources and time were being spent on cleaning these plots as well as ensuring that these did not turn into breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

“Many of these plots are surrounded by houses. Residents of the houses tell us to remove weeds from the plots and ensure that they don't turn into breeding ground for mosquitoes,” said the official.

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