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Kolkata Municipal Corporation call to property owners in wards 101 to 144 for online mutation certificates

Special camp at civic body headquarters on Saturday to upload papers missing from the database

Subhajoy Roy | Published 29.07.22, 06:12 AM
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Residents of wards 101 to 144 who have purchased property after 1955 and whose mutation certificates were issued by the land department but are not displayed on the department’s website, will have to visit an office in Esplanade in central Kolkata to ensure that the documents are available online.

The department has stopped working with physical mutation certificates and shifted to the online system. However, certificates of many residents in these wards are missing from the database, said an official. The land department has appealed to residents to check if their certificates are available online by visiting the website.


Those residents who do not find their records on the website should visit the office of the block land and land reforms officer, Kolkata. The office is located on the third floor of the Kolkata Municipal Corporation’s headquarters on SN Banerjee Road. A special camp will be held on Saturday for uploading the mutation certificates. BLLRO, Kolkata, has put up notices in the KMC’s head office as well in the borough offices in these wards.

The residents should carry the original mutation certificate (Form A) issued by the land department, property deeds, an identity card, and any tax document issued by the Kolkata Municipal Corporation that the property’s assessed number.

“Several people visiting our office have been complaining that they could not find their mutation records online. That is when we realised that some mutation certificates have not been uploaded,” said Tathagata Mukherjee, the block land and land reforms officer (BLLRO), Kolkata.

“If anyone is unable to come on Saturday, they can come later also. But they should ensure that their records are available online. Else, they may face difficulties later on,” added Mukherjee.

He said that about 150 people have already visited the office and helped the department upload the records online.

The mutation certificate issued by the land department is different from the mutation certificate issued by the Kolkata Municipal Corporation. Only residents of added areas — wards 101 to 144 — who may have purchased a property 1955 onwards have two mutation certificates.

This is because they had to register their land details and pay khajna to the land department and also register their property details and pay property tax to the Kolkata Municipal Corporation. Wards 101 to 144 include Kasba, Jadavpur, Behala and Garden Reach.The land department does not raise any khajna from residents of wards 1 to 100 in Kolkata.

Kolkata mayor Firhad Hakim had raised the issue during a meeting on Saturday that residents of wards 101 to 144 have to pay tax and khajna.

He wanted that the issue to be simplified. The land department had said that it was not possible to merge the two, Hakim had said. Many residents in added areas are not aware that they have to pay khajna to the land department. The department does not send annual bills but it can suddenly send a bill of all pending dues some day, said an official.

There is no bar on the purchase of a property in case khajna or property tax is not cleared by the previous owner. The current owner has to clear the pending taxes.

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