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Joy of nano-satellite to cultural programmes keep Kolkata schools busy

An array of celebrations cheer students back in school

Chandreyee Ghose And Sana Nawaz | Published 18.08.22, 10:49 AM

South Point High School

South Point High School announced the launch of PriyamvadaSat, a nano-satellite from Sriharikota, to commemorate 70 years of the school’s journey and 75 years of Independence. The launch will take place around nine months later.

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed on the school premises between Indian Technology Congress Association president L.V. Muralikrishna Reddy and the school’s managing committee vice-chairman Krishna Damani.


The scope of the MoU includes the design, development, integration, qualification, testing and launching of PriyamvadaSat to Low Earth Orbit.

The project will provide students with practical and hands-on learning experiences in line with the Centre’s New Education Policy. ISRO has established a monitoring committee to direct and oversee this mission, which is a part of Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav.

The proposed satellite is named after Priyamvada Birla, who was the chairperson of the MP Birla group as well as the former president of South Point Education Society.

A space lab-cum-ground station will be set up at the school, for students to monitor PriyamvadaSat and collect the data it transmits. A classroom model of the satellite will also be available at the space lab for teachers and students to assemble and reassemble. Selected students from Classes XI and XII be trained by the association and involved in the design and fabrication process.

“We are very excited for our pupils as it would certainly be a unique hands-on learning experience which would benefit them in their future years of study. People dream of such an opportunity, and here it is a real experience offered to our students,” said South Point High School principal Rupa Sanyal Bhattacharjee.

Indus Valley World School

Fifty parents and teachers of Indus Valley World School danced and sang, celebrating rain and camaraderie in a musical collaboration — Monsoon Melodies. The event took place at the school’s auditorium on July 30.

The guests at the event were dance exponent Sharmila Biswas, director of International Institute of Hotel Management Sanjukta Bose and school CEO S.L. Gupta.

The concert began with some students’ mothers taking to the stage and weaving a story about monsoon. Dance performances followed an exchange of letters between a mother and a daughter. The school’s faculty Suromita Kanjilal wrote the script. Some mothers were trained by theatre teacher Barsha Chowdhury. The dances were choreographed by teachers Kaushik Roy, Payel Dasgupta, Ritwika Ghosh and Nirmalya Sharma. There were songs too peppered in between. The production was supervised and directed by vice-principal Priyadarshinee Guha.

“It was a delightful collaboration. Thank you for the music and for giving it to us,” said the school director at the end of the programme.

Akshar School

Resilient students, who conquered challenges during the pandemic, were awarded at Akshar School’s annual prize day. The event was organised in the school auditorium on August 4, after a hiatus of two years.

Amitayush Ghosh, who scored 99 per cent in the ICSE exams, and Trisha Roy, who received 95.5 per cent in the ISC exams, were recognised by the school for their achievements.

Ashwika Kapur, an internationally recognised wildlife and nature film-maker, and Debiprosad Duari, director of the Institute of Astronomy, Space and Earth Science, were the guests at the event.

The theme of the event was peace.

The student also staged a cultural programme on the occasion that resonated with the concept of peace.

The event concluded with a song on peace written and composed by the teachers of Akshar.

“It was exhilarating to be in an auditorium after two years for our annual prize day. The performances on peace left the parents and guests spellbound. We have successfully surpassed the most challenging times,” said principal Noni Khullar.

Calcutta Public School, Kalikapur

A musical tribute to the mashis and dadas or the backbone of the school — that is what students and teachers of Calcutta Public School, Kalikapur, did to celebrate helper’s day. The event took place on April 6.

On the occasion, the teachers sang, danced and performed a skit. The students of Class X and XII also joined their teachers on stage for the performances.

On the cards were some fun games with the staff members and helpers. The winners were given prizes. The event ended with the cake-cutting ceremony. A staff member, Santosh Maity, was also awarded for completing 24 years of service.

“The sense of togetherness is a value which must be imbibed in every individual from an early stage. The management and teachers of Calcutta Public School, Kalikapur, celebrate helper’s day every year to show their gratitude to the staff members who are tirelessly serving our school. We are all part of an extended family that cares deeply for each other and are always ready to help one another,” said principal Proma Das.

Purushottam Bhagchandka Academic School

Students of Purushottam Bhagchandka Academic School celebrated World Heritage Day to recognise the efforts of various organisations working towards preserving the heritage.

The celebrations took place in the school’s auditorium with Classes VII to XII taking part in it.

The anchors of the day, Abhigyan Banerjee and Dharma Sudhar, delivered an interactive speech on various world heritage sites. “Heritage is what we have inherited from the past, to value and enjoy in the present,” Abhigyan said. They elaborated on the Unesco’s role in heritage identification. On the cards was a PowerPoint presentation by Aritra Mustafi of Class XII.

Some music and dance followed. Class XII students staged an Indian folk dance performance called Kalbelia. Another group of dancers from Class XII performed the traditional dhunachi naach to the song, Bolo Durga Mai Ki Jai.

Michael Jackson’s song Heal the world sung by the Class XII choir brought the curtains down.

“World Heritage Day is one of the first celebrations we had after the school reopened. A digital presentation was shown by the students on the theme — Our Heritage, Our Wealth. The main objective was to educate the students on the significance of world’s heritage. Children were also familiarised with their cultural heritage and taught to appreciate it,” said principal Madhuparna Andrews.

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