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Jadavpur University board to nudge vice-chancellor for caste action

An assistant professor allegedly attacked one PhD student ‘on the basis of her caste identity’

Subhankar Chowdhury | Published 25.11.22, 09:05 AM
Suranjan Das

Suranjan Das

The board of studies (BOS) of the international relations department of Jadavpur University has decided to request vice-chancellor Suranjan Das again for “action” against an assistant professor who allegedly attacked a PhD student “on the basis of her caste identity”.

The board, whose members are teachers of the department, met on Thursday and unanimously decided to approach the VC for action against the accused teacher, said Iman Kalyan Lahiri, head of the international relations department.

The department had earlier sought action against the assistant professor under the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act. The PhD scholar is from an Adivasi community of Assam.

The Telegraph had last week reported that JU had sought an explanation from the assistant professor for allegedly not accepting a visually challenged scholar in an MPhil programme under her guidance.

But the university has yet to announce its action against the teacher for allegedly attacking a PhD student for her caste.

“The BOS stands by the earlier resolution adopted on September 12 and requests that the vice-chancellor take appropriate steps as per the university’s rules and regulations,” the resolution adopted on Thursday says.

The resolution adopted on September 12 reads: “The head of the department informed the members he has also sent a letter to the vice-chancellor where he informed him that the assistant professor attacked a PhD candidateon the basis of her caste identity…. The BOS resolved that considering the sensitivity of the case… VC may take necessary steps as per rules against the teacher for violating the Prevention of SC/STs Atrocities Act.”

“Since no steps have been taken, the BOS on Thursday decided to approach the VC standing by its previous resolution,” Lahiri said.

Das told The Telegraph: “Let the department send its resolution. The university will act in accordance with the law.” 

The assistant professor was initially the research guide of the student from Assam. The student had pleaded with the authorities that her guide be replaced because she felt her research was not progressing well.

When the PhD research committee (PRC) met in September to discuss the student’s plea, the assistant professor allegedly attacked the student referring to her caste.

Last updated on 25.11.22, 09:05 AM

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