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Hot and humid days ahead for Kolkatans

No immediate relief in sight, say Met officials

Our Special Correspondent | Published 05.09.22, 07:35 AM
Pedestrians caught in rain at New Market on Sunday afternoon.

Pedestrians caught in rain at New Market on Sunday afternoon.

Gautam Bose

Heat and humidity have been tormenting Kolkatans for a few days and there is no immediate relief in sight, Met officials said.

Sunday’s maximum temperature was 34.5 degrees Celsius, two notches above normal. The maximum and minimum relative humidity were 89 and 66 per cent, both on the higher side.


The first half was sunny but as the day progressed, the sky became cloudy. Some parts of the city got a spell or two of rain in the afternoon and evening. But the showers brought only temporary relief.

“The monsoon trough is passing through north Bengal. It is unlikely to come down before September 8,” said a Met official. 

Because of the position of the trough, north Bengal is getting heavy rainfall. South Bengal has been getting rain only because of local thunderclouds.  

Much of the early weeks of the monsoon witnessed a similar situation in Bengal. The trough was stationed over the foothills of the Himalayas, triggering heavy rain in north Bengal. Unlike typical monsoon showers, which are uniform, rain caused by local thunderclouds is localised and sporadic. 

While Esplanade and Central Avenue were getting drenched around 3pm on Sunday, Patuli and Garia were dry. 

“The next few days in Kolkata and neighbouring areas are likely to be hot and humid,” said G.K. Das, director, IMD, Kolkata. 

“The heat and humidity can lead to thunderclouds and rain. But the discomfort index is going to be on the higher side when there will be no rain,” he said.

A system over the south Andaman sea may pull the trough down after September 8, triggering a change in conditions, he said. 

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