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Presidency University

Hindu hostel residents seek renovation

Many Presidency University students who need accommodation are suffering as wards 3, 4 and 5 have not been renovated, the letter said

Subhankar Chowdhury | Published 06.12.23, 07:10 AM
Eden Hindu Hostel

Eden Hindu Hostel

Sourced by the Telegraph

Residents of Eden Hindu Hostel have written to the education department seeking renovation of the three wards that have been lying in a state of disrepair over the past eight years.

Many Presidency University students who need accommodation are suffering as wards 3, 4 and 5 have not been renovated, the letter said.


The letter, which was sent on Tuesday, days after the Calcutta Municipal Corporation put up a blue plaque outside the hostel identifying it as GRADE-1 heritage, said students are upset that the department in October released only around Rs 2 lakh for the hostel.

The letter said: "The amount (Rs 1,98,722) sanctioned is less than 1% of the total amount required."

The amount required stands at Rs 2.63 crore, it said.

In late July, a section of residents of the hostel, located close to the Presidency campus on College Street, held a sit-in outside the office of the dean of students demanding the reopening of the three wards after renovation.

The protest was withdrawn following a meeting with the dean, Arun Kumar Maity.

A committee comprising students, university officials and teachers had been formed to look into the students' demands and draw up an estimate with the help of PWD officials for the renovation of the three wards.

About 110 students now stay in two wards of the hostel — 1 and 2 — which were opened in November 2018 after repairs, following months of protests by the students.

A committee member said after the PWD drew up an estimate of Rs 2.63 crore, for civil construction and electrical work, the budget was sent to the higher education department for sanction.

“The department in a communication to university’s registrar Debajyoti Konar on October 17 intimated that Rs 1.98 lakh has been sanctioned for the construction of a boundary wall,” the member said.

When contacted, the registrar said to contact the dean.

Calls to the dean from Metro went unanswered.

The hostel residents have written: “Why was the amount for the boundary wall sanctioned first rather than the amount for the civil construction and electrical works? Why was less than 1% amount….?”

“Will your department sanction more amount further for the renovation work at Eden Hindu Hostel?”

Education minister Bratya Basu said in a text message: “I have not received the letter. Once I get it, I will look into it.”

Sheikh Sahidul, a resident of the hostel, said only 110 students are staying in the hostel now. Its capacity is 330.

“If such a meagre amount is sanctioned, that too for the constriction of a boundary wall, how will these three wards be renovated? Many students who come from the districts are being forced to stay in PG accommodation because these wards have not been opened since they were vacated along with wards 1 and 2 in 2015 so that repair work could be undertaken,” said Sahidul.

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