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Heads held high, Kolkata schools pay tribute to Rabindranath Tagore without parallel

On Rabindra Jayanti, schools from across the city organised programmes to pay their respects to the Nobel laureate

Chandreyee Ghose | Published 19.05.22, 07:50 AM

JRS Public School

Songs and poems of Rabindranath Tagore filled the air as students of JRS Public School paid a tribute to the poet on Rabindra Jayanti.

After two years of staying indoors, the students were looking forward to this show. The school authority arranged for a talent contest on the occasion with an aim to make the students understand the importance of Tagore’s contribution to Indian literature and culture. The programme commenced with the ceremonial lamp-lighting and a floral tribute to the bard. After an inaugural song, school director Beauty Paul delivered a speech on Tagore’s contribution to the world. Several students recited Tagore’s poems and staged dance performances to his songs as part of the contest. The show concluded with performances by the teachers as well.


“It is our duty to make the future generation aware of our culture, tradition and heritage. As Tagore had rightly said, ‘knowledge is free’ and ‘the head is held high’ when we have the power of knowledge. We organised Rabindra Jayanti not only to pay our tribute to the Nobel laureate but also to provide a platform to the budding talents in our school. The dedication of all the participants made the programme a wonderful watch,” said principal Saumen Chakrabarti.

Indus Valley World School

Around 130 students from classes IV to XII at Indus Valley World School performed on the occasion of Rabindranath Tagore’s 161st birth anniversary.

Tamaso Ma Jyotirgamaya was the theme for the celebrations this year. The students prayed for the light of knowledge through Tagore’s poetry, music and skits. On May 6, the programme commenced with a welcome address by the institute director Amita Prasad. She spoke of the turbulent times that everyone overcame. The guest of honour was Manipuri dance exponent Preeti Patel.

The event opened with the choir of 45 students chanting Asato ma sadgamaya. Next, the students presented And hokaarer utsho hotey utsharito alo — a scripted performance of Tagore’s poetry, songs and dances. They also performed from Tagore’s collection of poetry, Punascho, and danced to Noy noy e modhur khela and Dui haathey kaaler mondira je sadayi baaje. Students from the middle and senior school presented an excerpt from Achalayatan, a tale showcasing the hollowness of following rules and practices. Students of Classes IX and XII staged an excerpt from Tasher Desh, showcasing the conflict between the old and the new. All prayed for a new dawn as the choir sang Bhengecho duar eshecho jyotirmoy and Joyo hok joyo hok.

“Rabindra Jayanti has always been a very significant day in our school calendar. This year was special as after two years of online celebrations, we had a live programme with 140 children performing together on stage. The theme we chose was Tamaso Ma Jyotirgamaya — a plea to the almighty to lead us from darkness to light — expressed through aptly chosen excerpts from the works of Tagore. With just two weeks of rehearsal, our students put up a meaningful programme which was very well received by their parents and our guests. One can never over-emphasise the importance of such programmes as a part of the education and training of the students,” said director Amita Prasad.

Young Horizons School

Students and teachers of Young Horizons School celebrated the 161st birth anniversary of Rabindranath Tagore on May 9.

The programme started with a humble tribute to the Nobel laureate. Rabindranath Tagore’s philosophy and ideology were expressed by students from Kindergarten to Class XII. Students took part in a range of cultural events from dance, musical renditions and recitation based on the poet’s works. Principal Sarmistha Sen quoted the bard: “Let me not beg for the stilling of my pain but for the heart to conquer it… Let me not pray to be sheltered from dangers, but to be fearless in facing them” and said: “Such words continue to inspire us.”

Calcutta Public School, Bidhan Park

The Rabindra Jayanti celebration in Calcutta Public School, Bidhan Park, began with the song Hey nuton.

A skit, several popular Tagore’s songs and dance performances followed. The teachers also joined in with their performances. The event was a welcome relief to the students, who turned up in large numbers to watch the performances. “I will miss the rehearsals and the fun I used to have with my friends and our teachers,” said Class XII student Rohan Sharma. After two years of lockdown, it was a welcome relief for the students and teachers.

“The programme was our humble effort to pay homage to the Nobel laureate after two years of hiatus. The wonderful display of creativity, coordination and talent marked the opening of our cultural calendar for the academic year 2022-23. The extra energy created an electric atmosphere during the performances,” said principal Protichi Lahiri Sengupta.

Narula Public School

Students and staff members of Narula Public School celebrated Rabindra Jayanti by staging a performance held during the school assembly on May 10.

The students paid tribute to the bard through poetry, speeches and dance performances. “Students should stay connected with the rich cultural heritage of our country to lead a successful and dignified life. We need to lead a simple life and give back to the society all the good that is acquired while traversing through life, in the footsteps of Tagore,” said principal Kamalpreet Kaur as she recited a hymn from Geetanjali.

DPS Joka

Rabindra Jayanti was celebrated in style at DPS Joka on the eve of Tagore’s 161st birth anniversary. A cultural performance was staged at the school’s auditorium.

The programme began with a floral tribute to the bard. Students, next, staged musical performances. A play Khyatir Bidambana was also performed on the occasion, showcasing how Tagore used humour to expose human maladies.

A series of dance performances followed this. Principal Writuparna Chatterjee’s speech ended the event. Based on the theme of Borshamongol, the dance performances by the junior classes on songs such as Nilo anjana ghono kunjo chhayaye and Esho shyamolo sundoro came as a puff of fresh air to the viewers. Students of the senior classes staged Madhuro Dhwani Banje.

“I felt nostalgic sitting in the auditorium as being back to the normality, watching our friends and teachers pull such an amazing performance,” said Asilesha Das of Class XII.

The principal’s speech capped the event. “The sense of elation was obvious among the students, as they got the opportunity to celebrate Rabindra Jayanti on stage in school after two years. Around 200 participants from different classes paid tribute to the polymath through their musical rendition, dance, recitation and drama. Remembering the poet and his creations makes these students proud of their rich and diversified culture and helps them develop a sense of belongingness,” she said.

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