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G20 summit

G20 makeover for New Town

Here's how the township was transformed...

Snehal Sengupta | Published 13.01.23, 10:14 AM

Sudeshna Banerjee

The G20 Summit maybe over but New Town got a quick makeover in the run-up to the event that has transformed the township in several places.

Revamped streetlights


Nearly all the streetlights along the Major Arterial Road (MAR) in New Town that connects the airport on one end and Salt Lake on the other have been revamped with new LED lighting systems that have a better light throw and have increased visibility. This has come as a boon especially in this winter season as New Town gets foggy at night.

Greening of Metro corridor

The elevated line of the Airport-New Garia Metro line from the Mahisbathan crossing till the traffic intersection near the Technopolis building has been rid of potholes and construction equipment and has got a grass carpet along it.

A senior Hidco official said they will carry out a greening drive where the pillars will be adorned with potted plants around them, much like the Metro pillars from the Kolkata Gate intersection till Eco Park and the Technopolis flyover.

Painting on road

The entire MAR has received a coat of white paint along its edges as well as median road lines that alert motorists about the contours and curves of the road.

While the lane-marking median divider lines help in clear demarcation of the lanes, the white lines along the edges inform motorists about the turns of the road and the curves, making it easier to drive.

The white lines are clear at night as they reflect off the light from vehicles’ headlights. This has made night driving easier.

Revamped MAR

The MAR itself has got a fresh layer of smooth bitumen and is now free of undulations and potholes.

The entire stretch of the road from the Technopolis flyover till Chinar Park has been levelled and relaid with a fresh layer of asphalt.

The result is a smoother drive along the corridor that also makes it safer and reduces travel time.

Two-tier vehicle underpass

New Town has got the first vehicular underpass in the city.

The upper level of the subway complex on the Major Arterial Road will be for cars and two-wheelers plying between Salt Lake and New Town, said a senior official of Hidco, which commissioned the project.

The lower tier, which was unveiled in 2021, is a four-way pedestrian subway complex located 8m below the underpass for vehicles.

Trucks, buses and heavy vehicles will travel on the surface as they do now, the Hidco official said.

“Movement of vehicles will be smoother once the volume is split,” the official.

Better pavements

Several pavement stretches have been relaid using paver blocks and tactile tiles all around New Town.

Many pavements had fallen into disrepair but now all of them have a swank look as the discoloured and broken down paver blocks have been replaced with new ones.

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Last updated on 13.01.23, 10:14 AM

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