Covid night restrictions return between 10pm and 5am

Find out what is allowed and what is not

Our Special Correspondent Kolkata Published 04.01.22, 11:14 AM
Home delivery of food is allowed to operate after 10pm.

Home delivery of food is allowed to operate after 10pm. File Photo

Restrictions on movement of vehicles and individuals resumed from 10pm on Monday night as part of Covid protocol. Police have set up 31 posts at the major intersections to intercept and check vehicles that were found on roads after 10pm.

The Telegraph reports what is allowed and what is not between 10pm and 5am and what to expect if you step out of home after 10pm.


Police pickets: Be prepared to be stopped at multiple crossings and quizzed as to why you are outside home after 10pm. Failure to justify your presence outside home will lead to prosecution under sections of the Disaster Management Act

Emergency services or medical emergency: Police said only those attached with the emergency services or those who can prove with documents that there is a medical emergency at home, will not be prosecuted if found on the road after 10pm

Drink driving: Separate police pickets have been set up to prevent drink driving in the city. Any motorist found on the road after 10pm may be asked to stop and undergo the alcohol test. If traces of alcohol is more than the permissible limit in the bloodstream, the person will be taken to the local government officer for a blood test and then would be taken to police station for prosecution under Section 185 of the Motor Vehicles Act

Office return: Returning from office cannot be an excuse for violating the Covid restrictions after 10pm, said an officer

Socialising: The government restrictions include gatherings between 10pm and 5am. This means if anyone is found returning home after 10pm even after visiting a relative or a friend or after attending a party may be subjected to prosecution

Home delivery: Home delivery of food is allowed to operate after 10pm. This means you can place any food order online and expect the food to be delivered even after 10pm.

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