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Bike for faster cop response: Reduce response time to distress calls to 100

A distress motorcycle at each Kolkata police station

Monalisa Chaudhuri | Published 12.05.23, 04:28 AM
A Dial 100 bike

A Dial 100 bike

Kolkata police are trying to reduce the response time to distress calls to 100, the police helpline.

Among many plans that are being mooted, one is to have a dedicated motorcycle in each police station to respond to emergencies reported through the helpline.


According to statistics made available by Lalbazar, the average time taken by the police now to respond and reach the spot after receiving a distress call to 100 is eight minutes.

By keeping a dedicated two-wheeler — to be called “Dial 100 bike” — for distress calls in each police station, officers hope to reduce the response time, said a senior officer at Lalbazar.

Distress calls that are made to “100” in the Kolkata police area are received at the Lalbazar control room.

The police said they get information about the location of the caller either from the caller or from the telecom service provider.

“If the caller is safe and in a position to talk, his or her current location could be taken directly from him or her. But if the caller is unable to speak properly, we have to rely on the location details shared by the telecom service provider concerned. Sometimes, this takes a few seconds,” said the officer.

The police feel reducing the time to reach the spot could help reduce the overall reaction time to address such situations.

When the Lalbazar control room receives a distress call, details of the incident are shared with the police station in whose area the incident happened.

The police station informs the nearest police patrol van which rushes to the spot. “On an average eight minutes pass by the time a police patrol van reaches the spot after the distress call,” the officer said.

How will dedicated two-wheelers help reduce the response time?

“First, a motorcycle is expected to move faster than a patrol vehicle. Secondly, each police station will have one bike that will only be used in an emergency. Till now, the police stations have to depend on patrol vans,” said an assistant commissioner in Kolkata police.

The Dial 100 bikes will be red in colour and fitted with hooters.

Last updated on 12.05.23, 09:24 AM

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