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Autopsy hints at 67-year-old cab driver’s murder

Post-mortem has suggested he was throttled to death

Our Special Correspondent | Published 14.07.23, 05:36 AM
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A 67-year-old man whose decomposed body was found in his rented apartment in Ekbalpore on Monday was murdered, police said on Thursday after being verbally told about the post-mortem findings.

D. Marian, who lived in an apartment on the top floor of a four-storey building in Mohammedan Lane in Ekbalpore, was a taxi driver.


“His decomposed body was found on the floor of his apartment. His face was against a pillow,” an officer at Lalbazar said.

“There were no marks of resistance or ransacking. Some ointment and medicines were found near him, which prima facie indicated that he died of natural causes.However, the post-mortem has suggested he was throttled to death,” the police officer said.

“Since the body had decomposed by the time we found it, we could not figure out whether there were injuries on his face. According to the post-mortem findings, one of his neck bones was fractured.”

Marian’s torso was bare when the police found him dead at his home.

Initially, a case of unnatural death was started at Ekbalpore police station.

On Thursday, a murder case was started against unknown persons.

Marian, whose family stays in Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu, used to live alone in the rented apartment. The police said his family had been informed about his death.

A 32-year-old woman used to cook for Marian. The police said she was admitted to hospital on Monday, the day Marian was found dead.

“It is a little suspicious that the woman was admitted to hospital the same day the man’s body was found. We have learned from the hospital that she was admitted because of weakness. We have not yet been able to talk to her,” said an officer at Ekbalpore police station.

No was detained or arrested till late on Thursday evening.

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