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Flaunt your sign with these zodiac-inspired pieces

Astrological symbols are now being reimagined as modern pieces of jewellery – thank your stars!

Aatreyee Mohanta | Published 11.05.22, 04:00 PM


Whether you believe in astrology and horoscopes or not, you cannot disagree that zodiac-inspired necklaces are the hottest new trend on the block. The personalised touch to jewellery pieces makes it more relatable, yet keeping things unique and fun. And if you are someone who has faith in the stars, then it is time to get your hands on these pieces of jewellery that even the stars are flaunting.

From chunky sun sign motifs to subtle constellations, the zodiac jewellery trend offers simplicity along with a sense of personal customisation unlike anything else.


From the charging bull for Taurus to the lion for Leo, zodiac motifs reimagined as jewellery have become even more gorgeous. Orra’s luxurious collection of zodiac pendants are great to have in your closet because they are versatile and can be worn with almost any outfit.

Elements of astrology

If you’re looking for a more subtle way to incorporate your sun sign into your jewellery, try going for the elements — earth, fire, water and air. Joker and Witch’s minimalist design in gold along with a trendy link chain is a staple when it comes to layering on charm necklaces.


If we’re diving into the world of zodiac signs and astrology, why not try incorporating your birthstone into your everyday look? Based on your sign and birth month, you can choose the best suited rock for your charm necklace. Zariin has a large collection of zodiac jewellery and the addition of the birthstones make them that much more special.


Are you a fan of the abstract? If so, then these zodiac talismans are for you. We don’t know about luck, but these will definitely spread good vibes everywhere you go. The earthy, minimalist design by Misho makes for a piece that is unique.


Why not talk about constellations if we are diving into the world of astrology? If you still want to wear your sun sign but are not a fan of the chunky motifs, go for the delicate constellation necklaces by Tipsyfly. Each of the 12 zodiac constellations is unique and absolutely adorable.

Last updated on 11.05.22, 04:00 PM

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