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Dessert Recipes

Satiate your sweet tooth this summer with these delectable desserts

Some star hotels in the city present The Telegraph with their season's special recipes

Zeba Akhtar Ali | Published 26.03.22, 03:39 AM

Mango Dolly at The Oberoi Grand

Recreation of a childhood dessert on a hot summer’s day

(Vanilla bean mascarpone mousse, chunky mango centre, raw mango sponge, mango gel)


For the vanilla mousse:


• White chocolate 100g
• Heavy cream 100 g
• Whipped cream 120
• Mascarpone cheese 90g
• Vanilla bean 1 pod

Heat the cream with the vanilla bean and bring to a boil. Pour over the white chocolate and whisk well till smooth. In another bowl, whip the whipping cream along with the mascarpone cheese till soft and fluffy. Then, gently fold in the chocolate ganache into the whipped cream in three parts till smooth.

For the chunky mango centre:


• Fresh Alphonso mangoes 3
• Grain sugar 50g
• Lemon zest of 1 lemon


Peel and cut the mangoes into large chunks. In a saucepan, cook along with sugar till it is thick. In the end, add the lime zest and set aside to cool.

For the raw mango sponge:

• Egg whites 120g
• Castor sugar 80g
• Egg yolks 80g
• Flour 20g
• Raw mango paste 120g


Whisk together the egg yolks, whites and sugar till light and fluffy. The mixture should double in volume. Fold in the flour gently. Finally fold in the raw mango paste. Pour into disposable microwave-safe cups until half full. Cook in the microwave for 1 minute. Leave upside down to cool.

For the mango gel


• Mango puree 80g
• Sugar 30g
• Gelatin leaves 2


Cook the mango puree with sugar and bring to a boil. Add the soaked gelatin sheets and stir. Cool and allow to set. Once set, blend using a stick blender to get a smooth gel.

For the yellow glaze:


• White chocolate 100g
• Heavy cream 150g
• Gelatin sheets 4
• Yellow liquid colour 5ml
• Milk 50ml


Heat the heavy cream with the milk and bring to a boil. Pour over the white chocolate and whisk. Add the soaked gelatin while still warm. Finally, add the yellow colour.


Pour the mousse halfway into the silicon mould. With a spoon, add the mango chunks to the centre of the mousse, without touching the sides of the mould. Top up with more vanilla mousse. Freeze. Warm the yellow glaze slightly and dip the frozen pastry into the glaze. Plate the dessert along with the raw mango sponge and mango gel. Serve chilled.

Mango Lime Granita at The Westin Kolkata, Rajarhat


• Fresh Mango 1 kg
• Water 250 ml
• Sugar 200 gm
• Basil leaves 10


Blend the mango chunks in a mixer.

Boil basil leaves with the water and sugar for five minutes then strain it. Add this to the blended mango pulp. Mix properly. Keep in the deep freezer for five-six hours and serve chilled.

Mango Pudding at Novotel Kolkata


• Granulated sugar 300g
• Water 125ml
• Milk 250ml
• Fresh cream 125ml
• Ice cubes 250g
• Gelatine 40g
• Mango pulp 700g


Take water, milk, fresh cream and grain sugar into a stock pot and put it on slow flame. Meanwhile, soak the gelatin sheets in ice cold water. Once it is ready, drain out the moisture from the gelatin sheets and keep it in a separate bowl. When the sugar is completely dissolved, turn off the flame and add the gelatin sheets. When the gelatin sheets are completely dissolved, add the ice cubes into the mixture. Once the mixture has cooled down, fold the mango pulp into the mixture and put the mixture into desired mould. Put the mould into the refrigerator to allow it to set and serve it chilled.

NOTE: You can use the same recipe for a peach pudding as well. For peach pudding, the recipe and method is same as mango pudding. Only the mango pulp is replaced by peach puree.

Pinepple Pastry at The Lalit Great Eastern Kolkata

For the sponge


• Eggs 4
• Sugar 80 g
• Vanilla essence 4 ml
• Cake gel 8g
• Flour 80g


First, add sugar and eggs in a mixing bowl. Then add vanilla essence and cake gel into it. Mix it till it reaches a soft peak. Then slowly add flour to the mixture. Pour the mixture on a butter paper-lined baking tray and put in the oven to bake at 200 degree Celsius for 9-10 minutes. After baking the sponge, let it cool for 30-45 minutes for smooth cutting.

For white chocolate ganache: Take 30g of fresh cream and boil it. Then add 60g of white chocolate to it. Whisk it well and leave it to cool at room temperature.

Cooked pineapples: Chop the pineapple well and cook it in sugar syrup. Let it cool down and strain it.

Whipped cream for frosting: 300g

Method for final assembly:

Take the ganache and whipped cream and mix it well. Now take the sponge and divide it into three equal portions. First, take one layer of the cut sponge and add some of the pineapple syrup and the mixture of ganache and whipped cream (spread it evenly with a palette knife). Also add cooked pineapple on to the layer. Again, take a layer of the cut sponge and repeat the same process. Finally, add the last layer of the sponge and add whipped cream (again spread it evenly with a palette knife). Put the entire sponge into the freezer and let it set for four-five hours.
At last, take the sponge out and cut it into the required pastry size. Finish it with whipped cream and pineapple slice.

Amarello at ITC Royal Bengal

Textures of Lemongrass, encased in Alphonso Mango Leather, accentuated with Exotic Fruit Gel


For the exotic fruit gel:

•Castor sugar 48g
•Malibu 20ml
• Vanilla bean 1g
• Mango puree 60g
• Passionfruit puree 60g
• NH pectin 2g
• Diced pineapples 50g
• Diced mangoes 40g

For the coconut lime sponge:

• Egg whites 3
• Castor sugar 40g
• Almond flour 60g
• Refined flour 40g
• Icing sugar 30g
• Dessicated coconut 100g
•Lemongrass 6g

For the lemon mousse:

• Amul Gold Milk 99g
• Gelatin leaf 6g
• Lemon 25 g
• Callebaut white chocolate 150g
• Whipped cream 211g

For the mango leather:

• ITC Masterchef Mango Pulp 800g


Mango Leather

• Place the pulp over a silicon mat and let dehydrate at 60 degrees Celsius in the oven for 2hours.

Lemon Mousse

• Heat the cream and milk together. Once warm, pour the mixture over the white chocolate.

• Mix the mixture until the chocolate completely dissolves. Add in the gelatin leaves that were soaked in cold water into the warm chocolate mixture and fold until dissolved.

• Pour the lemon juice and rind into the mixture.

Coconut lime sponge

• Beat the egg whites until a soft peak forms. Add in the icing sugar, whisk until soft peaks are formed.

• Fold in the rest of the dry ingredients along with fine chopped lemongrass.

• Spread the mixture over the silicon mat and bake at 180 degrees for 15mins.

Exotic Fruit Gel

• Add in all the ingredients excluding the pectin and castor sugar in a pan.

• Let them come to a nice boil and then add in the pectin and castor sugar.

• Cook the mixture for 10 minutes or until it reaches 80 degrees Celsius and the mixture starts to thicken. Pour some of it in a small round mould and let it cool.

• Once cool, place in the deep freezer.


• Pour the lemon mousse in a round mould. Place a layer of the coconut lime sponge on the mould layer with exotic fruit gel of 1cm. Repeat the process once. Place in the freezer and let rest overnight. The next day, demould the mousse and place a round sheet of mango leather over the cake. On the top place another small mousse which was set in the mould. Demould the exotic fruit gel placed in the freezer and place on top of the cake.

• Let it rest for 20 minutes at room temperature and it’s ready to be served.

Raw Mango and Pistachio Financier at Hyatt Regency Kolkata


Pistachio Financier

• Pistachio powder 300g
• Egg whites 600g
• Melted Butter 500g
• Honey 150g
• Castor sugar 550g
• All purpose flour 200g
• Baking powder 15g

Raw Mango Compote

• Raw mango 400g
• Castor sugar 100g

Raw mango jam

• Raw mango 600g
• Castor sugar 300g
• Black pepper powder 25-30g (as required)
• Pectin 20g

Exotic Cremeaux

• Mango pulp 125g
• Passion fruit pulp 125g
• Egg Yolk 100g
• Whole egg 65g
• Castor Sugar 105g
• Butter 150g
• Gelatin 5g
•Vanilla essence as required


• Let’s begin with the mango compote. Peel the mangoes and cut into small dices. Then take the mango and sugar in a saucepan and cook it for a while till the mango gets tender. Strain the mango compote and keep it aside for cooling.

• For the pistachio financier, melt butter and mix all the ingredients together with the help of a hand-blender/ kitchen aid/ whisk. Mix the raw mango compote in the financier mixture and add 10g of pepper powder. Place the mixer in a square mold and bake it at 170 degree Celsius for 20-25 minutes and keep it aside.

• To cook the raw mango jam, take raw mango, sugar and pepper powder in a sauce pan and cook it till the mangoes are translucent. Now add pectin to it and cook till it is in a jam consistency. Now spread the jam on top of the financier and keep it aside.

• For the exotic cremeaux, take the mango pulp, passion fruit pulp and sugar in a saucepan and cook it. Now put a little bit of this mixture with eggs and yolk and temper it. Once it gets tempered, mix it with the mixture in saucepan and cook it till it gets coagulated. Cool the mixture a little and blend butter and gelatin in it. Now put the exotic cremeaux on top of the jam. Put the cake inside the chiller/ freezer.

• Once the cake is set, cut it into rectangular pieces, garnish it with crème Chantilly and raw mango dices.

Watermelon Kulfi at Fairfield By Marriott Kolkata


• Fresh watermelon puree 500ml
• Freshly chopped watermelon 50g
• Freshly chopped mint 10g
• Honey 50 ml
• Khoya (reduced milk) 50g


Take a pan and put fresh watermelon puree. Let it simmer for 5 minutes. Add honey and chopped watermelon. Add chopped mint leaves. Pour the mixture in the kulfi mould and freeze it for around 6 hours. Un-mould and serve with falooda.

Summer Berry Entrement at JW Marriott Kolkata

Saothome Chocolate Mousse


• Gelatin sheet 12g
• Heavy cream 330g
• Milk 300ml
• Egg Yolk 150g
• Sugar 70g
• Saothome chocolate 1,200g
• Whipped cream 1,000g


Soak the gelatin in ice water. Make a sabayon with milk cream, milk, egg yolk and sugar. Add gelatin. Pour the sabayon on top of the chocolate and emulsify it. When the mixture comes to room temperature, fold in the whipped cream slowly.

Raspberry Creamux


• Gelatin sheet 9g
• Cream 375g
• Milk 100ml
•Egg yolk 100g
• Soft butter 50g
• Raspberry puree 350g
• Fresh raspberry 250g


Soak gelatin in ice water. Cook the cream, milk, yolk and puree. When it becomes thick, add the drained gelatin. Set in rectangle mould and keep inside the freezer.

Crunchy Praline Sable


• Hazelnut paste 200g
• Milk chocolate 100g
• Wafers crumb 300g


Melt the milk chocolate and hazelnut paste together. Add the crushed wafer. Sheet between two silicon mats at 2mm thick ness and freeze. Cut rectangle strips accordingly.

Dark Chocolate Cake


• Flour 300g
• Cocoa powder 40g
• Brown sugar 225g
• Baking powder 6g
• Melted Sao Thome chocolate 270g
• Milk 225g
• Oil 225g
• Eggs 4


Beat the eggs and sugar together. On the side, mix all the dry ingredients. Fold the dry ingredient mix along with eggs mixture. Fold in the melted chocolate. Add oil at last. Bake at 160 degree Celsius temperatures for 12 minute. Take out and keep in room temperature.

Chocolate Glaze


• Water 1000ml
• Sugar 1200g
• Cream 700ml
• Cocoa powder 480g
• Gelatin Sheet 30


Boil water and sugar together. After the first boil, add cream. Boil it again and add cocoa powder. Reduce the mixture, add gelatin and strain. Keep at room temperature.


Take one rectangle ring. Arrange the layers upside down as follows. Place chocolate mousse half. Place the frozen raspberry Creamux. Place the crunchy praline sable. Fill the remaining mould with chocolate mousse. Place a strip of chocolate cake. Freeze for at least 24 hours. De-mould and glaze.

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