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Snaps that lead to chats: Celebrating the art of photography through Insta reels

Reels on photography that blew up last week and stopped our doom scrolling

Jaismita Alexander | Published 20.08.23, 03:01 PM

World Photography Day, observed annually on August 19, is dedicated to the art of capturing and preserving memories, moments, and stories that shape our world. This day serves as a reminder of the power and impact of photography in both personal and global contexts. On this edition of Reels of the Week, My Kolkata explores short videos on Instagram that capture the art of photography and the true essence of World Photography Day.

1. Photography is not about expensive cameras

Photography is not about expensive cameras, but the vision of the photographer. Instagrammer @chobiwala_byomkesh’s reel explains that anyone with a vision can be a photographer and they don't need top-end cameras. All they need is the perspective to look at things creatively. The creator, who often posts aesthetic videos and photos, shows his modest devices in this reel.


2. What photography means

Photographers of the Nikon community of Australia shared what photography means to them on World Photography Day. Seven photographers, with their own genres, keep passing the camera as they express themselves. We see popular photographers like Michelle Grace Hunder, Nathan Landers, Liam Fawell, Cole Baxter, Karen Woo, Jess Wharehinga and Jake Wilton in this reel by @nikonaustralia

3. Testing new lens with photographer Dhritiman Mukherjee

Wildlife filmmaker Gautam Panday, aka @riverbankstudios, heads out on a photography expedition with another renowned photographer @dhritiman_mukherjee. Both the shutterbugs join hands to venture into the wild in Goa to field test camera lenses. Crossing streams, walking barefoot and shooting in the rain, the duo explores the jungle to get some brilliant shots. The outcome of this collaboration is magnificent. Check out the reel now!

4. Tribute to vintage photography

@maroofculmen, a heritage storyteller on Instagram, takes the opportunity of World Photography Day and pays a tribute to vintage photographer Tikam Chand, who owns the Instagram handle @the_old_photography. Tikam Chand is a third-generation photographer in Jaipur who keeps the tradition of vintage photography alive with his 1860 Carl Zeiss Jena box camera that weighs about 20kg. It is a relic from a time when photos were more than just pixels.

5. Life of a photographer

Photographer @bhalovashi posted a reel on World Photography Day that captures her daily life being in the profession where she travels, spends time with locals and enjoys scenic beauty of places. She captioned this aesthetic reel, writing, “I am an artist, and I capture life”. The reel is shot at Zanskar in Kargil and it has some mesmerising views covering the culture and traditions of the region through the photographer’s eyes.

Last updated on 20.08.23, 03:01 PM

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